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I am trying to establish when my grandfather Thomas Fergus Fleming taught in Cartron NS and my grandmother Ellen (neé Mattimoe) taught in Mount Allen NS, in Kilronan, County Roscommon, starting sometime in the late 1890s.

Many Thanks.

Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 07:14PM

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  • Hi Brian,

    You should contact the National Archives in Dublin - - They will inform you of the proceedure in gaining access to the records. You will need to attend in person, or have somebody in attendance to view the records on your behalf.



    Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 07:45PM
  • Thanks, I was aware of that but just at the moment that's not possible so I was hoping a local source might be able to help. Brian

    Monday 8th Feb 2021, 09:02AM
  • Hi Brian,

    You should check with the present Principal of the schools to ascertain if the old roll books are still there.



    Monday 8th Feb 2021, 09:37AM
  • By coincidence the two schools are now one. Sent an email a few weeks back so hopefully the principal there will resond soon. In fairness, it's a busy time for school principals.



    Tuesday 9th Feb 2021, 02:56PM

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