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Hello. I have Catholic baptismal records in Strokestown for 5 children (James, Martin, Peter, Bridget, Maria) of Patrick Gannon and Catherine Hanly for the 1830s. This location plus that of some of the baptismal sponsors, suggest that Lissonuffy may have been their place of residence. No marriage records seem to exist for Patrick and Catherine. The family (or some) seem to have emigrated before 1845 supposedly to NYCin  the USA. Thus far, no confirming ship records. Martin, Bridget and Maria eventually settled in NJ, Michigan, and Missouri, USA. Only one U.S. record notes a place of origin (Roscommon) in Ireland. Peter and James may not have emigrated. Seeking next steps to confirm Irish locations; or possibly others who may be descended from related families. I have been through available land records online. Can only check most postential estate records in person. Thank you.


Wednesday 27th Sep 2023, 01:47PM

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  • Lynnmarie,

    Please see attached Tithe records for the parish of Lissonufffy, townland of Ballyhobard where you have a number of Gannon families. 

    The eldest son is called James, so it is likely that he is the father of Patrick Gannon.

    One of the Baptismal Sponsors for Brigid is James Gannon - Grandfather?

    Do you have the death record for Patrick Gannon. His parents names are possibly on it.



    Wednesday 27th Sep 2023, 05:36PM
  • Many thanks for these. I had found them previously and tucked them into my files as good possibilities. I just can't find corroborating information. Have hoped that one of the siblings stayed in Ireland. I am able to follow a Peter Gannon into the 20th century in the region. Can't confirm it is my family member yet. Do you think the Estate Records for the 1830s and early 1840s might contain enough information on tenants to find my people? I have been planning to research them in person or hire someone to do so. Most are not yet online.

    I do not know the death record for Patrick, presumably in the U.S. There are too many of them even in the NYC area to be certain. To make matters more confusing, he seems to have gone by the name of John Gannon at times after he was in the U.S. Three of his children named their first born sons John Patrick, so perhaps that was one version of his name.

    I do appreciate you doing some research and getting back to me so quickly.

    Warm regards


    Thursday 28th Sep 2023, 12:29AM

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