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Born c. 1816, possibly from Boyle.  Tried in Roscommon 1836 and transported to Australia.  Gave his parents as John Tunny, a butcher, and Mary.  Looking for parents and any siblings.  

Susan Hort

Sunday 6th Dec 2020, 07:37PM

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  • Susan:

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland for all of Ireland and the earliest Owen Tunny baptismal record was in 1853.

    The Boyle RC records start in 1793 so if Owen was from that parish, his record should be available.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 6th Dec 2020, 07:50PM
  • Thank you so much for looking Roger.  I've been looking for years too.  I believe one of his convict records in Australia mentions Boyle but I don't know if he was actually from there, only that his trial was in Roscommon in 1836 and his age given as 20 (could be a mistranscription of 26 as he died in 1898, age given as 87).  The name seems to be more common in Mayo and Sligo.  He was tried with a Thomas Tunny (b. c. 1806 - whether this was a brother or cousin is unknown) but is seems as if Thomas wasn't transported.  The crime was stealing linen.  I have found a burial for a Thomas Tunny in Turlough Cemetery, Castlebar, Co. Mayo in 1892 (age unknown).  The Australian records indicate that he was Roman Catholic (marriage and burial). Children born between 1846 & 1876 were: Mary Ann (after her mother who was Australian born), Catherine, John James, Margaret, Jane, Clara Sarah, Owen Jnr, Helena or Eleanor, Michael, Halifield Mary, Alice, William T. and Flora Kathleen (my gr-gr grandmother).  Any thoughts or leads very welcome.  Thank you again for your interest.


    Susan Hort

    Monday 7th Dec 2020, 08:45AM
  • As you look for Owen in church records, keep in mind that the name in Latin was Eugenius. I found an Owen in my own family recorded as Eugene. Hope this helps!


    Monday 7th Dec 2020, 03:13PM
  • Susan:

    The 1856 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Turlough civil parish shows a Thomas Tunny living in Lack East townland. There were other Tunnys in the parish.

    I looked on the subscription site Roots Ireland and they have the following baptismal records for parents Thomas Tunny and Bridget Tunny ( I think his wife was also a Tunny). This couple was from Lack. I did not find a marriage record.

    John 1838 Catherine 1850 John 1852 James 1854 Bridget 1861 Thomas 1864

    I'm not sure what to make of the first John baptismal record. I don't have access to the parish register for that period. Roots Ireland indicates that their Turlough baptismal records start in 1847. I'm wondering if the 1838 should have been 1848 and that this John died young and the next son was named John and maybe the father of Owen and Thomas was John. You indicate that the oldest son of Owen was John James.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 7th Dec 2020, 11:38PM
  • This is the 2nd time a message regarding Owen Tunny has been sent to me . I did not request any info for this person . My message board was for the 3 Breheny sisters listed 1 message before this 1 . 

    Pat De Mare , regarding the Breheny / Judge message board 

    judge family

    Tuesday 8th Dec 2020, 08:05AM
  • I checked the Newspaper collection for Co. Roscommon see link below.

    Two of these newspapers were in publication in 1836.

    It is quiet possible there may be a reference to the trial in either paper.



    Tuesday 8th Dec 2020, 10:51AM
  • Hi there, I had a look on Ancestrt and found an Irish Prison Register that has an Owen Tunny age as 20 b. 1817. Name:Owen TunnyAdmission Age:20Role:PrisonerBirth Date:1817Admission Date:31 Mar 1837Admission Place:Dublin, IrelandCharge:LARCENYJail:KILMAINHAMIdentification Number:353


    Tuesday 8th Dec 2020, 07:06PM
  • Just looked at the actual document and the next person on the list is Thomas Tunny. Both got 7 years .Later today when I have time I'll look at how to get that doc to you


    Tuesday 8th Dec 2020, 07:12PM
  • Interesting though as there is an Owen Tunny in Australian Prison Register who was b. 1815 and in Australia 1837 for stealing linen in 1836.. not sure they are the same 

    Name:Owen TunnyAge:21Date of Conviction:27 Oct 1836Place of Conviction:RoscommonEstimated Birth Year:abt 1815Vessel:CalcuttaPort of Arrival:New South WalesDate of Arrival:4 Aug 1837


    Tuesday 8th Dec 2020, 07:19PM

    judge family

    Wednesday 9th Dec 2020, 05:56AM
  • Thank you all for your interest.  Yes Roger, he gave his father as John Tunny, a butcher, on his marriage certificate.  

    I know qhite a lot about Owen from his trial onwards - am trying to find his family in Ireland. 

    Thank you also martincmeehan for your interest - I will check the newspaper link.

    I didn't know about the name Eugene, thank you Patricia.

    Yes Jackie, this is indeed the same person.

    What I really need, I think, is a DNA link with someone in Ireland but not so far....

    Kind regards, Susan

    Susan Hort

    Wednesday 9th Dec 2020, 09:19AM
  • Pat De Mare: 

    Our programmer checked your personal settings on the the Ireland Reaching Out web site and you checked the box to receive notifications on all messages for Roscommon county. This explains why you are being notified about the Owen Tunny message thread (which was also posted in Roscommon count) and presumably about other messages that were posted in Roscommon county. Do you want to turn off this notification setting?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 9th Dec 2020, 02:38PM

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