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Hi Folks:

While I do not have a paper trail for my Dad, who was given a "fake name" at a home for unwed mothers in Boton in 1919.  I've tested with 4-5 DNA testing companies- and it looks like my Dad's surname is Hicks.  (I have four second cousins from Boston area with that last name.

My ggg grandfather Michael Hicks was born in Ireland, possibly Roscommon in 1839. He married Mary Glavey, born 1837. Mary was the daughter of Bridget kilduff and Peter Glavey ( born in 1806 & 1807)  According to Michael J. Hicks December 1912 death certificat from Bsoton, it says that his Dad's name was Patrik and his Mum was Mary Guinan..  Marriage certificate also says Patrick and Mary   Unfortunately, I dont know if either of my ggg grandparents are from Roscommon- but I bet they are because all the other surnmes I am related to- Gaty, Costello, Fallon, Gavin, Murray,Kenney are.

and only recently, have I finally mmatched with another Hicks - through a Francina Kilrow in Boston  Francine's ggg grandfather George H. Kilrow born 1834 married Catherine Hicks, born 1845.. I'd like  to know where the Hicks- Kilrow (Kilroe) union were born  They married in Boston but were both from Ireland...

My poor Dad, who I didn't know, had no idea who his family was as he grw up in foster homes, as I did.. I'm hoping to find his true Irish roots.  With Father's Day upon us, I'm depending onluck of the Irish.. My new "Hicks' connection- The Bergins are trying to assist me. 

I noticed that on many family trees, many in the Hicks family are including the WRONG Michael hicks and siblings on their family tree  There's ANOTHER Michael Hicks born in 1856 who settled in Ohio. Thsi Michael is 14 years older than my Michael. - or s it seems

any thoughts.. Happy Father's day all - I hope the weather cooperates everywhere !



Roger C/ Memos



Sunday 20th Jun 2021, 05:11AM

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  • Roger:

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and was unable to locate a baptismal record for Michael Hicks with the parents nams you provided.

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Co. Roscommon had 13 Hicks entries including 5 Patrick Hicks records. Four of the five were in Kilglass civil parish and the other one was in Moore civil parish. Unfortunately for you, the Catholic parishes of Kilglass and Moore do not have baptismal records around 1839. The Kilglass records startin 1865 and the Moore records in 1872.

    I noticed you posted in Moore parish. Do you have information that points to Moore parish?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 20th Jun 2021, 12:23PM
  • Thanks Roger

    The reason I posted in Moore Parish  is because it seems I have so many ancestral relatives there... As for Michael Hicks I do know that he was married to Mary Glavey, daughter of Peter Glavey and Bridget Kilduff.  Maybe if I can find information on them- where they are from, that might lead me to Michael  so frustrating  Maybe information was wrong on death and birth certificate for Michael- but  the records , both of them list parents as Patrick and Mary   Maybe they are from County Galway- which is close..The Bergins are also looking for me so lets see what they find  I thank you Roger for your time!


    Sunday 20th Jun 2021, 03:48PM
  • Roger:

    I searched for a Peter Glavey marriage to a Kilduff in all of Ireland and did not find a record. Same with a baptismal record fro Mary. Clearly we are dealing with a parish which has late starting church records.

    Below are links to the 1855 Griffiths for Moore and Kilglass parishes. Moore seems to be most likely for your Hicks family looking at the records but no Glavey records but Peter Glavey may have been a small farmer or labourer and not listed in the Griffiths.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 21st Jun 2021, 03:26PM
  • Roger

    I am so grateful for your research...thank you..  I'll get to the bottom of this yet..thank you!


    Tuesday 22nd Jun 2021, 01:03PM

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