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“Mathers of Falty” a new play written by Roscommon Historian playwright Xandra Kilduff M.A. will premiere in Moore Hall on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November curtain up at 8 pm sharp.

Based on the saga of the Scottish landlord family who purchased the lands of St. George from the Encumbered Estates in 1852 by Daniel Mather and ranging through the years of the Falty evictions, the rise of the Land league, the tragedies and the happiness of the wedding celebrations of his nephew John Arres Mather and the heiress Margaret Shaw Paterson and the loss of their son Willie to the final dramatic moments of the Cattle Drives at Clonburren and the fall of the house of Mather. The historical research drawn from family records, local and colonial newspapers, the archives of the House of Commons in London, court records and local tradition brings to life the effects the 1916 Rebellion on the tenants of James Daniel Arres Mather the last unmarried male member of the family the heroism and bravery of the men and women of Moore as they rose to defend their rights and bravely faced the armed forces of the R.I.C. on the meadows of Clonburren in the Summer of 1916. 
Produced by the author award winning author Xandra Kilduff this enormous community effort has members not just from the Moore History Group, but the Red Salamander Theatre Company, the Moore Drama Group, the I.C.A., the I.F.A., Moore Community council, Moore and Clonfad Choirs with cast members of all ages.