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I have found some more Fitzgeralds that I am trying to stitch together into a family. My 2xGreat-grandfather James Fitzgerald married Honora Wade in Roscommon & Kilteevin on January 8, 1846. Their first child was baptized in Athleague in Dec 1846. So I am making an assumption that Athleague was James' parish. They went to New York around 1849 - second child was baptized there in August 1849. They settled in Kingston, NY. They bought land with a Francis Fitzgerald. James and Francis lived next door to each other and I know that Francis was making a lot of money (bought a lot of land, lent money to James and some cousins). In his will he mentions his sister, Bridget Fitzgerald Keefe. Bridget and Maria Fitzgerald Casey lived on the same street in Kingston, NY as James and Francis. The two women were both married in Athleague and had the same sponsor (Patrick Nolan). So I have James, Francis, Maria and Bridget as probable siblings.

The only townland close to Athleague with Fitzgeralds is Tromaun. There was a Patrick, John and Michael in Griffiths in Tromaun. James and Honor had 10 children and included those names. There might be a connection to Knockcroghery, but they have Thomas and Bernard and there aren't any with those names in my family. The ages for the men in Tromaun fit with my New York Fitzgeralds - around 1795 -1820. And 7 children is not unexpected at that time. I cannot find any baptisms that match them. 

James's first son is named Francis, and Francis's first son is named James. So that throws a kink into the naming tradition, if they are brothers. I thought maybe they named their sons after each other. I'm pretty sure that Francis came over first and may have helped pay the way for the rest of them. 

Any suggestions for furthur clues or places to research would be appreciated.


Saturday 29th Aug 2020, 05:57PM

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  • Alice:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I looked at the 1830 Tithe listings for Athleague civil parish and there were no Fitzgeralds listed. Also, I did find a Francis Fitzgerald baptismal record in 1811 in Athleague with father Patrick but there was no related James, Maria or Bridget baptismal records which implies to me that the father of this group was somewhere else and moved to Athleague post 1830.

    I looked on the subscription site Roots Ireland for the marriage record in Roscommon parish but none came up but when I went to the register the record was there as you indicated. Interestingly, Roots Ireland shows a baptismal record for an Esther Fitzgerald on January 5th 1846 (three days before the wedding?). However, I did not find the entry on the Athleague register in January 1846 or in December 1846 so I must have missed the record.

    I think your conclusion regarding Tromaun is likely correct. 

    Sorry I could not add much more to your research.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 29th Aug 2020, 07:46PM
  • Thanks for taking a look, Roger. I'll keeping poking at the edges and maybe something will turn up.


    Sunday 30th Aug 2020, 01:06PM

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