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I am looking for info on James McGee and Annie Doyle's family

Census Years
Shankill Ward
Chief Street
Residents of a house

Residents of a house 34 in Chief Street (Shankill Ward, Antrim)

McGee Mary 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Monaghan

McGee James 42 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Co Donegal Draper

McGee Edward J 16 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Monaghan Apprentice Clockmaker

McGee James Joseph 13 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Monaghan

McGee Annie 40 Female Wife Roman Catholic Co Roscommon Dressmaker

I'm looking for information on my family..My grandfather is James Joseph whos parents are James and Annie.  He went to the USA and Married Mary Ann Dougherty. he died in Ohio in 1930.  I'm trying to find out if there is still any family who still lives in Ireland.  I would like to know them and help me find some family history.  I know James sr.  father is Edward McGee born about 1835.  And I don't know any info on him at all just know he was born in Co. Donegal Ireland.  I hope to find some answers and I hope you can help.  Any info would be great. Thank you so much

Jaycee (McGee) McGraves


Thursday 29th Jan 2015, 08:47PM

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  • Jaycee,

    This looks to be your family in the 1911 census:

    So from that we know that the couple had 4 children, of whom 3 were still alive in 1911. We also know they had been married for 28 years so they married around 1883. I see their marriage listed in Monaghan town Apr ? June 1883, Vol 3, page 221.

    The 2 children whose lives you will be interested in are therefore Edward & Mary, both of whom were still single in 1911.

    The house number on the 1901 & 1911 censuses was just the enumerator?s private numbering system. If you go to the additional page option for the 1911 census you?ll see that the postal address was in fact 70 Chief St.

    Looking at the 1918 street directory, James Magee is still listed, as a traveller at no 70. So he was still alive then.

    The next on-line version was in 1932, and the family are not there then. PRONI in Belfast has street directories for the intervening years but you would need to go there and look them up, to find out when they left Chiet St.

    I looked for possible marriages in Belfast for Edward and Mary. There?s one for a Mary McGee who married a Mr Murphy on 17.1.1912. And one for Edward McGee who married a Miss Morrow on 5.5.1919. You would need to view the certificates to see whether these are James & Annie?s children. You can view them on-line for ?2 each using the GRONI website. (Use the search marriages option). The next step would be to look for children to those marriages but that is harder as births under 100 years are not on-line, and you either need to pay GRONI to search the records, or go to their offices in Belfast and do it yourself.





    Ahoghill Antrim

    Thursday 29th Jan 2015, 09:39PM

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