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I am wondering if you can help me again. I feel stuck in trying to figure out our ancestry.

My great grandfather John R. Creaven/Craven (Ogham/Ougham) 1831-1905 was born to Richard Creavan/Craven (1800-1872) who married Mary Goulden (1800-1873). Here are my questions:

My great grandfather John R. had a brother Richard (1836-1924) whose death was registered by William Craven. Richard was also from Ougham and married Mary Taylor in 1880 but had no children.

Question 1: Were there other siblings? I have some that appear to be, but I am not sure.

Richard Craven (1800-1872) appears to have a sister Margaret Craven (married to James Walker in 1826) and brother Thomas Craven  (married Ann Goulding in 1826). I have no information for these folks except marriage dates.

Question 2: Could you please confirm that Margaret, Richard (1800) and Thomas Craven are siblings or let me know if that is off target? If there are birth/death dates, that would be helpful.

Question 3: Are there records to find their parents? If so, would you please let me know their names/dates or how to find them online. I have records of a John Craven and a Thomas Craven that could be their father.

We are trying to connect branches of the family, and we don't really understand how William (1799-1877) and Catherine/Kitty Craven (1807-1881, who had many children) fit into the family. I'm guessing William (1799) is Richard (1800)'s brother. The names keep repeating and changing. "Craven" can be spelled "Cravin," "Cravan," "Creaven," etc.

Question 4: Can you confirm William (1799) is Richard's brother?

I have drawn what Bill Craven knew back in 1999 and attached it. I hope it is not too difficult to read. I am in touch with relatives in Canada, NZ, Australia, and England, so it seems the family went in all directions. We are all quite perplexed by how we connect, but the DNA says we do. The Richard-level appears to be where the connections might happen, according to the DNA.

Any help would be much appreciated. The folks were Church of England/Achrony. Most registered "home" as Ougham. Is that a section of Tobercurry?

Thank you so much for your time and your care in helping us put the family back together. Whatever information you can find will be enlightening.

Kind regards,
Jill Craven, granddaughter of Robert James Craven (1888)


Jill Craven

Monday 28th Mar 2022, 04:07AM

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  • Jill:

    Unfortunately, the baptismal records for the Achonry Church of Ireland parish were destroyed in the 1922 Public Records Office fire in Dublin so we won't be able to find many records back in the first part of the 19th century.

    Marriage records for Achonry  Church of Ireland parish are available at least from 1847 on the subscription site Roots Ireland although as far as I can see, the marriages were not civilly registered even though Church of Ireland marriages from 1845 were supposed to be civilly registered. Here are three Craven marriages before 1864.

    May 12 1847 Robert Craven of Ogham married Mary Anne Brett  father of Robert was John  Achonry C of I church

    February 9 1848 Robert Craven of Ogham married Margaret Johnston of Ogham father of Robert  was ThomasTubbercurry (St. George's Church)

    February 10 1858 Thomas Craven of Ogham married Maria West father of Thomas was Thomas Tubbercurry (St. George's Church)

    The 1858 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Achonry civil parish shows four Craven records all shown as living in Tobercurry and there was also a Creeveen:

    Craven Robert, Jr. Tobercurry Achonry Sligo
    Craven Robert, Sr. Tobercurry Achonry Sligo
    Craven Thomas Tobercurry Achonry Sligo
    Craven William Tobercurry Achonry Sligo
    Creeveen Thomas Achonry Achonry Sligo

    I looked for Ogham and there is an Ogham townland in Kilturra civil parish about seven miles east of Tobercurry village. However, likely that is not the correct Ogham. More likely Ogham for your family is a local place name around Tobercurry. I checked the 1901 census and five Craven families are listed in Tubbercurry.

    Sorry I was not able to help very much. The free site may be of help to you.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th Mar 2022, 02:30PM
  • Possibly Oghambaun townland which is adjacent to Tobercurry town to the east - almost a suburb of the town. The entry for the townland on the Placename Database lists a  number of variants - including Ougham, Aughambaune, Oham etc

    The Tithe applotment records list the townland as 'Oachum' and show three properties to William, Thomas & John Craven.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th Mar 2022, 03:13PM
  • Dear Roger and Shane (?),

    Please excuse the delay in responding--things have been busy, and I didn't get a notification. I hope I have set up the account correctly!

    Thank you so much for the information. The repetition of the names truly gets so confusing, and often there is no middle initial listed.

    Yes, I am sure that Ougham is that townland adjacent toTobercurry to the east. When I visited Tobercurry, the real estate agent in town (another Roger M) pointed me to "Cravenstown" which was just outside of town. The old stone house is still on the grounds, but it is quite delapidated. It was exciting to see where our family came from, though, and to see the fields they tended.

    I have located some relatives who used to live one county up, and we're planning to visit together once the Covid situation settles more solidly. It is exciting to find second cousins through Ancestry. I had thought my grandfather only had 3 siblings, but it turns out he had 6, so there are some wonderful new connections. Thank you for helping us sort through this web of relationships!

    Kind regards,

    Jill Craven

    Wednesday 27th Apr 2022, 07:07PM

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