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I am searching for Family information for Patt Killoran and Catherine Feeney, Patt was born about 1820 in Co. Sligo, Catherine 1827. They were married in Ballinafad, Aghanagh Parish, County Sligo, 3 Feb 1845, according to Parish Registers. Their witness' were Dom McGara and Betty Gara. They had a son, Owen b. 25 Nov 1846, Co. Sligo. They departed Ireland for America sometime in early 1847, arriving in Canada in the Spring of 1847. Patt had two Sisters that ay have came with him or followed shortly after him. Their Names were Catherine 1830 -1912, and Ann 1834 - 1901 (may have been Marian or Mary Ann). They crossed over into Buffalo, New York sometime in 1847. They seemed to have worked the canals through New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut. They had eight children, Owen, in Ireland, Mary Ann, in Buffalo, NY, Philip in Geneva, NY, James (1), in NY died in infancy, Patrick, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, James (2), in Switchback, Pennsylvania, and two other daughters who died in infancy. In about 1876 they went west to O'Neill, Nebraska and homesteaded there, were successful farmers until their deaths in 1890 and 1895 respectively. Patt's Sister Catherine married Hgh Moon, lived in Quebec and Buffalo, NY, Ann married Michael Haney and they farmed their homestead in Wisconsin. I have no other ties to ancestors in Ireland, so am looking for any records that might tie them to their family over there, wether it be birth, baptism, or other records, in or around the Ballinafad area. any help would be greatly appreciated. We visited in 2001, but had little success with the County Sligo Heritage and Geneology Centre in Sligo. We know much more today then we knew then. Michael Killoran


Tuesday 18th Oct 2022, 09:27PM

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  • Michael:

    The records for the RC parish of Aghanagh go way back to 1800 but there are a number of gaps including no baptismal records for 1819-1820.

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and the only Patrick Killoran baptismal record in Aghanagh RC parish was in 1824

    February 4 1824 father Thomas Killoran mother Bridget Galagher RC parish Aghanagh

    This Patrick had a sister Catherine baptized December 22 1825 but I did not find a related baptismal record for a sister Ann.

    There was a Jun 6 1827 baptismal record in Aghanagh for a Catherine Killoran father Philip and mother Mary Lonagan. There was a December 20 1831 baptismal record for an Ann Killoran with father Philip and mother Mary Lenehan. I searched the parish register and tried to find the entries for Catherine and Ann to see if the mother's maiden name were the same either Lonagan or Lenehan. Strangely, I was not able to find either record using the date provided by Roots Ireland. Maybe you can do your own search to see if you can find the record.

    I was trying to prove that Catherine and Ann were sisters and if Patrick was baptized in 1820 when no records are available, possibly Catherine and Ann were sisters to Patrick. 

    I did not find any Catherine Feeney baptismal records around 1827 in Aghanagh.

    There was a famous fiddle player named Paddy Killoran who came from the same general area of Co. Sligo

    Have you considered DNA testing? You may have matches with others with Killoran connections.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 18th Oct 2022, 10:47PM
  • Thank you Roger for the information, based on my search of the parish records and what I can find here in the States, I am trending towards Phillip Killoran and Mary Langhan (variants). Their children seem to fit my ancestors except for Patt and John Killoran who could have been brothers an both were born in the 1818 - 1820 time frame, when there was a lack of records. I found a John Killoran living in New Hampshire, who had sisters Anne, Catherine and Margaret living with him, as well as his Mother Mary. All seemed to fit the right age groups and arrived here about the same time Patt and Catherine did. I also found where Phillip had passed in Ireland about 1833, so would not have come over with them. I am going to continue research in that area.

    I, and several brothers, sisters, cousins have done DNA tests, and even though we have at least a 20% Irish ancestry linage to Ireland, only through the Killoran line, we have no direct shared DNA matches in Ireland. Is there anyway to expand that DNA search further to find direct DNA matches over there?

    Mike Killoran


    Saturday 28th Jan 2023, 10:51PM
  • Mike:

    People in Ireland test with the same companies as those in the USA-- Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage etc. In general they are not testing their DNA to the same level as people in the USA.

    Not sure what company you and your relatives used for your DNA testing but you could try to add your data to other sites to increase your matching pool. I have added my Ancestry data to MyHeritage.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 30th Jan 2023, 05:37PM

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