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Greetings from Ontario, Canada

I have had great difficulty finding my Rogan ancestors in County Sligo.

A DNA Match I received this week is descended from Michael Rogan (1796). He was born in Castleconnor.

Griffiths Valuation has him also living in 1858 in Castleconnor.

I have not been able to find my 3RD Great Grandmother Ann Rogan (b.1799) in records in County Sligo.

It is my hypothesis she was a sister of Michael Rogan due to the DNA Match.

Ann Rogan left Ireland in 1842 with her five children so there is no death record in Ireland for her. Her husband had died just before the family immigrated to Ontario, Canada.

I know what year Ann Rogan was born only from Canadian Census records.

Interestingly, I know Ann Rogan's five children were born in Easkey Parish.

A 1878 probate record in Canada for one of Ann's children revealed Easkey as her son's birthplace.

I looked at the image of the record for a Biddy Carolan and it said her residence was Casa Omer in Kilglass, County Sligo.

Can you tell me what is the meaning of Casa Omer?

Is it true Biddy was known formally as Bridget.

Are there any other records you would suggest.

Any help would be appreciated.

Diane Gilhula

Diane Gilhula

Friday 13th Nov 2020, 06:20AM

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  • Correction: Cabre Orme

    Diane Gilhula

    Friday 13th Nov 2020, 07:01AM
  • Yes, Biddy is the usual diminutive form of Bridget.  Actually, at that time and location, she was probaby called Bríd by the family, which was probably still Irish-speaking, and it may have been the parish priest who used  the anglicized form of her name.

    The Catholic parish records for Kilglass (in Irish, Cill Ghlas) are available going back to 1825, so if Ann's children were baptized there, you should be able to find their records.  The records are available at this link:

    The Catholic parish records for Castleconnor (in Irish, Caisleán Mhic Conchúir) only go back to 1854, but you can access them using the interactive map at the above site.

    You can find more inffo about the civil parish of Kilglass (an administrative district) at this link:

    There are links there to more info about each of the townlands in the parish, and one of the townlands is Cabragh (in Irish, An Chabrach), which might be the place name you asked about.   At the link for each townland, there are further links to records in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, as well as Griffith's Valuation (mid-1800's).  I checked Griffith's Valuation for the surname Rogan (in Irish, Ó Ruadhagáin) in Cabragh, and there were none listed as holding tenancies there at that time, but interestingly there was one tenant named Orme (the second part of the name you have above), which is not at all a common surname in the area.  If you locate a baptismal record, it will usually state the name of the townland in which the family lived.

    .There doesn't appear to be a townland with a name like Cabre in Castleconnor civil parish, but you can check out that parish further at this link:

    Easky (in Irish, Iascaigh) is not in Kilglass, but is instead a separate civil parish located to the northeast of Kilglass, and you can see more info about it here:

    The Catholic parish for the same area is spelled Easkey.  The parsh records available online only go back as far as 1864, and you can find them here:



    Friday 13th Nov 2020, 06:04PM
  • Thanks for all the information Kevin.

    I think it looks promising that Patrick Rogan (1769-1839) and Ann Rogan (1771-1845) are my 6TH Great Grandparents.

    Death records on RootsIreland gave me the exact dates of birth and death. These closely aligned with estimated dates I worked with before.

    Oral history in the family was the Rogans were from County Sligo. Patrick & Ann Rogan both died in Kilglass Parish.

    I have more than one DNA Match with descendants of Michael Rogan (b.1796) who I hypothesize is the son of Patrick and Ann.

    I again hypothesize my 5TH Great Grandmother Ann Rogan (b.1799) is Michael's sister.

    There are also Tithe Applotment records and Griffiths Valuation revcords which line up with the above.

    I however have never yet found a record for Ann Rogan in Ireland.

    Ann Rogan Carolan left Ireland with her five children in 1842. Her husband had died.

    I am so impressed by her travelling across an ocean to start a new life without her husband.

    Ann was lost to our oral history until I found her! In the 1851 Canadian Census in Pickering near Toronto.

    Diane Gilhula

    Diane Gilhula

    Sunday 15th Nov 2020, 08:04AM
  • I guess I should add I knew through research in Canada Ann's five children were born in Easky.

    Easky is near to Kilglass Parish and Castleconnor is where Michael Rogan was living.

    Diane Gilhula

    Sunday 15th Nov 2020, 08:19AM
  • I now know there were about ten Children in the Family of Patrick Rogan 1769 and Ann Rogan Sr. 1776.

    They were Hugh Rogan 1792, Michael Rogan Sr.1798, Ann Rogan Carolan 1799, William Rogan 1800, Thomas Rogan 1801, Peter Rogan 1802, Patrick Rogan 1804, Edward Rogan 1805, John Rogan1810, James Rogan 1813 and Mary Rogan McHale 1850.

    My Direct Ancestor Ann Rogan Carolan settled in 1842 in Pickering Township, Ontario just northeast of Toronto.

    Hugh Rogan did not immigrate but his Son James Rogan immigrated to Scotland in 1858. 

    Michael Rogan Sr. did not immigrate. His son Michael Rogan Jr. however immigrated with his large family to Chicago in 1883.

    William Rogan did not immigrate but had four children who immigrated in the 1850s to Pennsylvania. 

    Thomas Rogan did not immigrate but had three Grandsons who immigrated to Massachusetts in the 1890s.

    Peter Rogan did not immigrate.  He however had a Son Peter Rogan Jr. who immigrated to New York City.

    Thomas Rogan did not immigrate but had three Grandsons who immigrated to Massachusetts in the 1890s.

    Peter Rogan did not immigrate.  He however had a Son Peter Rogan Jr. who immigrated to New York City in the 1850s.

    Edward Rogan immigrated abt. 1850 to Scotland.

    John Rogan and James Rogan settled in the 1830s in Seneca, New York in the area of the Finger Lakes.

    Mary Rogan McHale and her husband settled in Carbondale in Lackawana, Pennsylvania.



    Diane Gilhula

    Wednesday 27th Dec 2023, 06:45AM

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