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Hi I was wondering about the Cookes from Glenawoo   Kilmacteige Sligo 1820-1895 who has at least one son Michael Francis Cook who ended up in Lawrence MA 


Monday 19th Sep 2022, 03:48PM

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  • Cookie:

    I located a death record for Pat Cooke from Glennawoo in 1895 with son John as the informant. See sixth record.

    I found an 1896 marriage record for a Thomas Cooke to Mary Devine in Killaser in Co. Mayo not far from Kilmacteige parish. Looks like Thomas was from Glennawoo and his father was Patt Cooke.

    I also found Thomas and Mary and son James in the 1901 census.

    Going back further and searching on the subscription site Roots Ireland, I believe Pat Cooke was married to Mary (Maria) Clarke and they had a number of sons James 1845 Michael 1853 Thomas 1856 twins John and Larry 1860 and another John in 1866.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 19th Sep 2022, 06:29PM
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  • Hello Cookie,

    The 1906 Lawrence, Massachusetts death record for Michael Francis Cook, confirms the information that Roger kindly provided, showing that Michael’s parents were Patrick Cook and Mary Clark.

    I found a transcription of Michael’s death record, as well as a copy of his original death record at the free FamilySearch website.

    Below is the transcription, showing that Michael died in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 9 October 1905 at the age of 46. At the time of death he was married and was employed as a “Mill Fireman.” He is buried in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery:

    Name Michael Francis Cook

    Sex   Male

    Age   46

    Death Date 09 Oct 1905

    Death Place Lawrence, Massachusetts

    Marital Status Married

    Occupation Mill Fireman

    Race White

    Father's Name Patrick Cook

    Mother's Name Mary Clark

    Event Type Death

    Age   46 y

    Age   46 years

    Birth Year (Estimated) 1859

    Birthplace  Ireland

    Burial Place Lawrence, MA

    Cemetery Immaculate Conception

    Father's Birthplace Ireland

    Mother's Birthplace Ireland

    Source Reference Cook, Michael Francis, 1905

    Record Number  195

    Record Number  195

    Cite This Record

    "Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915, 1921-1924," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 2 March 2021), Michael Francis Cook, 09 Oct 1905; citing Lawrence, Massachusetts, v 54 cn 195, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 2,070,883.


    A copy of Michael’s original Lawrence, Massachusetts death record is attached to this reply, and gives the further information that at the time of death he was living at 361 Oak Street in Lawrence. The informant who reported the death to the Board of Health is only recorded as, “Mrs. Cook,” which likely refers to his wife. The cause of death was “Pneumonia,” with a contributory cause of death as “Pleurisy.” His physician was John McEvoy, of Lawrence. The undertaker was John D. Mahoney, of Lawrence.

    A Google Map shows that Oak Street is 1.6 miles east of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Lawrence:

    Here is a Google Street View of Oak Street:

    Also at the FamilySearch website I uncovered what looks like the marriage transcription, as well as a copy of the original Lawrence, Massachusetts marriage register entry for Michael Cook, showing that he and Bridget Riley were married on 4 May 1886. Michael’s parents are recorded as Patrick and Mary. Bridget’s parents are Michael and Kate.

    At the time of marriage Michael was 27 and Kate 25. See the transcription below:

    Name Michael ... Cook

    Sex   Male

    Age   27

    Birth Year (Estimated) 1859

    Father's Name Patrick

    Mother's Name Mary

    Spouse's Name Bridget Riley

    Spouse's Sex Female

    Spouse's Age 25

    Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1861

    Spouse's Father's Name Michael

    Spouse's Mother's Name Kate

    Marriage Date 4 May 1886

    Marriage Place Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

    Event Type Marriage

    Cite This Record

    "Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 10 March 2021), Michael ... Cook and Bridget Riley, 4 May 1886; citing Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, United States, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 1,415,222.


    Attached to this reply is a copy of the original Lawrence, Massachusetts marriage register. The marriage for Michael and Kate is the 2nd entry in the register at number 128. The original marriage record shows that Michael was a “Saloon Keeper,” and that Bridget was a “Weaver.” This was the first marriage for each. The priest who married them was the Rev. D.J. Murphy. The marriage was recorded on August 18, 1886.

    Roger had also found the baptism transcription for Michael at RootsIreland, showing his baptism took place in 1853.

    I accessed a copy of his baptism transcription at the Find My Past (FMP) website, showing the baptism took place in the Kilmactigue Catholic Parish on 8 July 1853, with Pat Cooke and Mary Clarke recorded as his parents, as Roger had noted. You’ll be able to access the baptism transcription after establishing a free account with FMP. Go to:

    Attached to the transcription is a link that takes you to a copy of the original Kilmactigue Catholic Parish baptism register and baptism record for Michael. The baptism register is held by the National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin.

    To access the baptism register go to:

    Michael’s baptism is the first entry in the register, which spans two pages.

    You can enlarge the register by means of round icons in the upper center/ right of the screen. The icons are white with green backgrounds. You can also access the full-screen function by clicking on the last icon on the right with the two arrows pointing northeast and southwest.

    On the left register page is Michael’s name, the names of his parents, and the “Domicillium,” which is Latin for “Domicile,” meaning the residence of Michael and his parents, Patrick Cooke and Mary Clarke. The name of the  townland where they lived is difficult to understand. It’s not Glennawoo. The last portion of the name looks like “vane,” but I couldn’t find a townland in the Kilmacteige Civil Parish by a name ending with vane. 

    On the right page of the register are the names of Michael’s godparents, or sponsors. They are Martin McAlister and Margaret Clarke. Margaret may have been Mary Clarke’s sister.

    As a point of interest, the Catholic Parish of Kilmacteigue was in the Civil Parish by the same name, but with a slightly different spelling, “Kilmacteige.”

    In his reply Roger also found the baptisms for five more Cooke children, including James, Thomas, twins John and Larry, and another child named John. The baptism of a second child named John means the first-born John had died.

    I uncovered the FMP baptism transcriptions as well as copies of the original baptism records for all five of these children. I also found the baptisms for two other children named Pat (1848) and Peggy (1859), but their mother Mary’s last name is recorded as Cooke in their baptism records


    The FMP transcription for James shows he was baptized on 16 November 1845 in the Kilmacteigue Catholic Parish:

    A copy of James’s original baptism is the 7th entry in the register at:

    The residence of the family is “Glenavoe,” which is an alternate spelling for Glennavoo. The right-hand baptism register page shows that James’s

    godparents are Michael Clarke and Margaret Clarke.

    The baptism record just before James Cooke is for John Golden. His parents are John Golden and Bridget McNulty. Their address at the time of the baptism looks like “Lanovane,” which appears to be the same location where the Cooke family were living when Michael was baptized in 1853. I could not find a townland called Lanovane, or a similar spelling as Lanovane in County sligo.


    Pat was baptized on 6 February 1848. As mentioned earlier his mother Mary’s last name is recorded as Cooke, but in this case the priest who recorded the baptism may have given Mary her husband’s Pat’s last name, instead of recording her maiden name of Clarke. See the FMP baptism transcription at:

    A copy of Pat’s original baptism record is the 7th entry in the register:

    The residence for Pat and his parents looks like “Laovane.” The right-hand page of the baptism register shows that Pat’s godparents are James Clarke and Bridget Clarke, which indicates that Mary’s maiden name was Clarke.

    Michael was baptized next in 1853.


    The FMP transcription for Thomas shows he was baptized on 29 October 1856. See the transcription at:

    The original baptism record for Thomas is the 3rd entry up from the bottom in the register:

    The residence for Thomas and his parents is “Glenavoo.” The right-hand page of the register shows Thomas’s godparents are Pat Cooke and Mary Clarke.


    Peggy was baptized on 9 April 1859. Her mother’s last name is recorded as “Cooke.” See:

    A copy of Peggy’s original baptism record is the 4th entry up from the bottom of the register:

    The residence of Peggy and her parents looks like, “Lanovane.” 

    Peggy’s godparents are “Michl” (Michael) Clarke and Peggy Clarke.


    John and Larry were baptized on 25 August 1860. The FMP transcription erroneously records Larry’s first name as “Cary,” due to the handwriting in the original baptism record. See the transcriptions at:  and

    Copies of the original baptism records for twins John and Larry Cooke are the 4th and 5th entries in the baptism register at:

    The residence of John and Lary and their parents looks like “Lanorvane,” or a similar spelling. The godparents for both children are James Clarke and Mary McNulty.


    John was baptized on 14 October 1866 according to his FMP transcription:

    A copy of John’s original baptism record is the 8th entry in the register at:

    The residence of the family is “Glenavoo.” John’s godparents are Henry McDonnell and Mary Cunney.


    In 1864 the Irish government began to record births, marriages and deaths for all religious denominations. With this in mind I looked for John Cook’s civil registration birth record at the free website, and found it. The record shows he was born in “Glanavoo” on 13 October 1866. His father is Pat Cook, a “Farmer” living in Glanavoo. John’s mother is Mary Cook, formerly Clarke. Pat reported the birth to the registrar, whose name looks like P.F. McFlorin.” P.F. McFlorin recorded the birth in the Tubbercurry, County Sligo Registration District on 6 November 1866. John’s birth record is number 140 in the register, which you can access after following the prompts at:

    Going back to the Kilmacteigue Catholic Parish registers, I wanted to see if I could locate the marriage record for John Cooke and Mary Clarke. However, I found out that the Kilmacteague parish marriages are only available at the National Library of Ireland website beginning in 1848. Baptisms go back to 1845, which is the year James Cooke was baptized. See the National Library of Ireland website link for more information about the Kilmacteigue parish registers, and also for a map of the parish:

    The map shows the Kilmacteigue Catholic Parish is on the border with County Mayo.

    A Google Map shows that the Kilmacteigue Catholic Church is a called Our Lady of the Rosary. The church is 6.3 miles south of Glennawoo by a circuitous route around the northeast shore of Lough Talt. See the map at:

    For Google Street Views of the church, go to:  and

    When the Cooke children were baptized in the 1840s, 1850s, and 1860s, there may have been a more direct route south to the church from Glennawoo.

    The Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Kilmacteige is not the church structure where the Cooke children were baptized, however. According to the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage/Buildings of Ireland website, the present church was constructed in 1898. See the Buildings of Ireland link for information and slide presentation of the church at:

    In comparing a modern Google Map of the location of the church today, with an Ordnance Survey Map of Kilmacteige from the 1829 to 1841 time period, it looks like the new church was constructed on the site, or very near the site of the old church. The Ordnance Survey Map attached to this reply is in color, and shows the location of the “R.C. Chapel,” which is the site of the present day Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church. The Ordnance Survey Map is from the GeoHive website.


    For the next search I looked for Patrick Cooke in an Irish property tax record known as Griffiths Valuation. Griffiths Valuation was enumerated in the 32 counties of Ireland between 1847 and 1864. The valuation for     Glennawoo and surrounding townlands in the Civil Parish of Kilmactegue was completed by the year 1857.

    Unlike a census, Griffiths Valuation did not enumerate individual members of a family, such as husband, wife, and children in a household residence. Those named in the valuation were individuals who paid to lease property, such as land, houses, and outbuildings. Each person who paid to lease the property was called an “Occupier.” The other person listed in Griffiths Valuation was the person who owned the property, or who worked as the middleman collecting the rent on Gale Day for the owner. This middleman was called the “Immediate Lessor.”

    You can access Griffiths Valuation transcriptions and original copies for free at the Ask About Ireland website link at:

    I found Patrick Cooke in Griffiths Valuation in Glennawoo, Civil Parish of Kilmacteige. The valuation shows he leased a house. The valuation also shows he leased over 228 acres of land in common with three other men in Glennawoo. These men were James O’Connor, Patrick O’Connor, and John Deighan. The Immediate Lessor for the property the men leased was Samuel Robinson.

    The portion of the land that Patrick Cooke leased was valued at 5 Pounds. His house was valued at 5 Shillings. The total valuation for Patrick’s lease was 5 Pounds and 5 Shillings. He would have paid a percentage of this value toward the tax.

    Griffiths Valuation for the townland of Glennawoo is attached to this reply. Patrick is the second to the last person on the page. Just to the left of Patrick’s name are the number and letter combination, 8c. This number letter combination refers to the location of his lease in Glenawoo on a Griffiths Valuation Map. An enlarged version of the map of Gelnnawoo is attached to this reply showing the location of number 8. The letter c is not represented on the map, however. Patrick’s lease would have been in this area of the map.

    Griffiths Valuation also shows that a Michael Clarke had leased over 22 acres of land, a corn mill, a house, and an office in Glenawoo from Samuel Robinson. Michael’s lease is at map reference 16a. The land was valued at 5 Pounds and 15 Shillings. The house, corn mill and office were valued at 2 Pounds. The total valuation for Michael Clarke’s lease was 7 Pounds and 17 Shillings.

    An office in Griffiths Valuation refers to any type of outbuilding, such as a barn, stable, blacksmith shop, piggery etc. The Griffiths Valuation entry for Michael Clarke is attached to this reply. His lease is at map reference 16a. The map of Glennawoo showing the location of Michael’s lease at 16a is also attached to this reply.

    Michael could have been Mary Clarke Cooke’s father, brother, or uncle.


    In his reply Roger provided a link to Patrick Cooke’s 1895 death record from the website. The death record shows that Patrick was married when he died.

    I didn’t find Patrick’s wife Mary in the 1901 census of Ireland, and so I figured she died sometime between the death of Patrick on 14 July 1895, and the 1901 census, which was taken on Sunday evening, 31 March of that year.

    I found Mary’s death record at the website. She died in “Glenawoo” on 13 April 1896 at the age of 75 years. She is shown to have been the “Widow of farmer.” The cause of death was “Dibility 3 years. No medical attendant.” The person who was present at her death and who reported her death to the registrar was her son Thomas, of Glenawoo. The registrar, James Gunning, recorded the death in the Tubbercurry Registration District on 8 March 1897. Mary’s death is number 79 in the register at:

    THE 1901 CENSUS

    I now wanted to see if I could find Patrick and Mary Cooke’s son Thomas in the 1901 census. I looked for him in Glennawoo and found him. The census shows that Thomas is a 40 year old “Farmer.” His wife is 29 year old Mary. Thomas and Mary have a son, 2 year old James Cooke. The census shows that the family were Roman Catholic and that Thomas and Mary could read and write, and speak both Irish and English. The census also shows that Thomas, Mary, and James were born in County Sligo. The family were the “Residents of a house 6 in Glennawoo (Kilmacteige, Sligo).”  

    You can view a transcription of the 1901 census from the National Archives of Ireland at:

    Once the page downloads, make sure you click the box, “Show all information” to view the full census.

    You can access a copy of the original 1901 census of the Cooke  household at:

    I next looked for James Cooke’s birth record at the website. His birth record would provide the maiden name of his mother Mary, which than would allow me to look for the marriage record for Thomas Cooke and Mary.

    I found James’s birth record at He was born in Glenawoo on 27 May 1899. His father is Thomas Cook, a Farmer living in Glenawoo. His mother is Mary Cook, formerly Devine. Mary, of Glenawoo, reported the birth to the registrar, James Gunning, who recorded the birth in the Tubbercurry Registration District on 25 July 1899. James’s birth is number 206 in the register:

    I now looked for the marriage record for Thomas Cooke and Mary Devine. I didn’t find their marriage in County Sligo, but in nearby County Mayo. They were married in the Roman Catholic Chapel of Killasser, on April 2, 1896. At the time of marriage both were of “full” age. Thomas had been a bachelor and Mary a spinster.

    The marriage record further shows that Thomas was a “Farmer,” and that his residence was, “Glenama,” but doesn’t specify which county Glenama was located in. Thomas’s father is recorded as Pat Cook, who was a “Farmer.” The person who recorded the marriage probably heard Thomas’s residence as Glenama, rather than Glennawoo.

    No occupation is recorded for Mary Devine. I could not make out her residence at the time of the marriage because the handwriting is faded. Her father is John Devine, with no occupation listed.

    The first name of the priest who married Thomas and Mary was James, but I couldn’t make out his last name. The witnesses to the marriage were Michael Clarke and Bridget Devine. Michael Clarke was likely related to Thomas’s mother, Mary. Bridget Devine may have been Mary Devine’s sister. You can access the marriage record at the following link:

    THE 1911 CENSUS

    Moving ahead to the 1911 census, I found 65 year old Thomas, his 45 year old wife Mary, and their five children. The census shows they were the “Residents of a house 13 in Glennawoo (Kilmacteige, Sligo).”

    Thomas is shown to be a “Farmer,” and Mary a “Farmers Wife.” The census line for Mary shows that she and Thomas had been married for 15 years, and in that time period had 5 children, with all 5 children still alive, and in the household with them. The census shows the oldest child in the household is 14 year old Annie, not James, who was in the 1901 census. Annie, was not recorded in the 1901 census with her family. I’m not sure why. James is shown to be 12 years old. The other children are Mary Kate, 9; Thomas, 7; and John Francis 2. The four oldest children are shown to be “Scholars,” that is, students, and could read and write. Everyone in the household was Roman Catholic and born in County Sligo. The census further shows that Thomas, Mary, and their daughter Annie could speak both Irish and English.

    The 1911 census was taken on Sunday evening, 2 April. To access the census transcription from the National Archives of Ireland, go to:

    Once again, make sure you click on “Show all information” to view the full 1911 census page.

    A copy of the original 1911 census for the Cooke household can be found at:


    Anne Cooke’s birth record shows she was born in Glenawoo on 19 January 1897. Her birth is number 238 in the register, and shows that her mother is Mary Cooke, formerly Devine:


    At the subscription website I found the October 21, 1887 naturalization record for Michael Francis Cooke. The record shows that Michael was a “Laborer” living in Lawrence, Massachusetts at the time of naturalization, and that he was born in County Sligo in 1857. His age is recorded as 30, but from his baptism record we know he was actually born in 1853, which would have made him 34 years old in 1887. The naturalization record also shows that Michael arrived in the U.S. “on or about” July 10, 1874.

    There are two pages of the naturalization record, both of which are attached to this reply. The second page shows that one of the witnesses to Michael’s naturalization was James Shea. The first name of the second witness was Edward. His last name looks like it could be Land.

    Based on the information that Michael had arrived in the U.S. in 1874, I looked for him at’s ships passenger list collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a Michael Cooke arriving in Massachusetts by ship anytime in the 1870s. It’s possible he first landed in New York and made his way to Massachusetts, or had first arrived in Canada, and then traveled south ending up in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

    Another attachment to this reply is the 1892 Lawrence, Massachusetts Directory, showing that Michael F. Cooke was a laborer and that his house was at 33 White Street.

    A Google Map shows that White Street is on a north/south axis, just to the east of Plainsman Park. T-junctions and cross-streets are Chestnut Street, Elm Street, Lebanon Street, and Haverhill Street:

    Here is a Google Street View of White Street:


    Also at I found 41 year old Michael Cooke, his 36 year old wife Bridget, and their seven children in the 1900 census. Their address is 390 Elm Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts. The census taker, William P. White, stopped by the Cooke household on June 1, 1900.

    Michael and his wife Bridget were born in Ireland. Their seven children were born in Massachusetts. The census shows that Michael was employed as a “Laborer Street,” which is an indication he may have been working for the City of Lawrence. The census also shows that Michael was born in Ireland in May 1859, and that he and Bridget had been married for 14 years. Michael’s year of immigration is recorded as 1881. He is shown to have been in the U.S. for 19 years and that he was “Na.” The initials Na mean he was a naturalized American citizen. The census further shows that he had been unemployed for 2 months during the last year. He could read, write and speak English. The census also shows he rented the home he and his family were living in.

    Concerning Michael’s wife Bridget, she was born in Ireland in January of 1864. The census shows that Bridget had 8 children, with 7 children still living. Her year of immigration was 1880. She had been in the U.S. for 20 years as of 1900. Her occupation was “Housekeeper.” She could read, write, and speak English.

    The oldest child in the household is 11 year old Mary, born in August of 1888. The youngest child is 2 year old Harriet, born in May 1898. The children in between are 10 year old John; 8 year old Michael; 6 year old William; 5 year old James; and 3 year old Elizabeth. The census is attached to this reply. The Cooke family begins on line 15 of the census.

    Best Wishes,

    Dave Boylan



    Roger McDonnell’s reply dated 19 September 2022

    Google Maps

    Google Street Views


    Find My Past

    National Library of Ireland

    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage/Buildings of Ireland



    Griffiths Valuation

    Griffiths Valuation Maps

    National Archives of Ireland 1901 and 1911 census


    Friday 23rd Sep 2022, 11:03AM
  • Hi Dave!

    Great research! Welcome back!



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 24th Sep 2022, 02:20PM
  • Many thanks Roger. 




    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 10:38AM
  • Hi all

    To say I'm delighted to find this information is an understatement!! My grandfather was John Francis Cooke, registered on the 1911 census.  He married Winifred Deehan from Gortersluin and moved to Drummartin, raising 9 children.  I have recently started to look up my family history, and we knew relatives had emigrated to the US in the late 19th/early 20th century.  Thank you for sharing, and look forward to sharing with my surviving aunts and uncles.


    Friday 17th Feb 2023, 11:41AM
  • Thank you for your reply Lorraine. Is there is specific ancestor you are looking for in Ireland? If so I would need the name of the person, date of birth if known, place of birth if known, and names of the parents, including the mother's maiden name.

    Again, thank you.

    Kind Regards,



    Sunday 19th Feb 2023, 01:53PM

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