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I am trying to trace the baptismal records of the children of Andrew Hannon and Honoria Mulloy (m Cootehall 22.11.1849). I wanted to see the baptismal sponsors to determine a connection to my ancestors Laurence O'Hara and his wife Catherine Mulloy O'Hara.
I have found 10 children on Familysearch between 1854-1874 but can only verify 5 (civil records), and the youngest Elizabeth Joanna Hannon is the only one I can find a baptismal record for.
I'd like all sponsors so as to determine a link to possible siblings of Honoria Mulloy.
Some people propose that her parents were Charles Mulloy and Mary Kate McLoughlin.
I have one link between Catherine Mulloy O'Hara and Honoria Mulloy Hannon, where a Honoria Hannon is given as a baptismal sponsor to Catherine O'Hara's son Patrick (19.3.1850).
Thank you.
Fionn Lawlor


Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 10:29AM

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  • Fionn:

    I only located nine baptismal records on the subscription site Roots Ireland. Sponsors names are below. Link to parish register

    Roger McDonnell

    Maria March 14 1854 Patrick Lavin  Maria Hannon

    Honora March 2 1856 John Hannon Honora Conlon

    Carol January 9 1858  Laurence Lavin Bridget McDonogh NOTE mother's maiden name was transcribed as stHonoria Nally

    Catherine September 26 1859 Laurence O'Hara Honora McLoughlin

    John December 1 1861 John Molloy Mary Mullany

    Josephine November 15 1863 Bart Ballantine Catherine Healy

    Margaret February 18 1866 Charles Malloy Anne Malloy

    James February 17 1868 Patrick Lavin Maria Scanlan

    Eliza Joanna August 25 1874 Charles Hannon Maria Hannon

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 02:36PM
  • Thank you Roger. The Geevagh baptismal register only runs from 1873 which is why I got nowhere. You didn't find Michael Hannon then, 19.3.1870?
    So it's more evidence for me linking Laurence O'Hara & his wife Catherine Mulloy to Honoria Mulloy Hannon ie my Catherine could be Honoria's sister.
    Various online family trees propose that Honoria's parents were Charles Mulloy & Mary Kate McLoughlin from Knockvicar, Boyle. But they offer no dates or parish records. Can you help with that one?
    How does Roots Ireland have this info if it's not on the parish registers? And is it worth taking out a subscription? I know the site had some criticism in the past.
    Thank you. Have a great day.


    Sunday 9th Jan 2022, 10:53AM
  • Fionn:

    I did not find a Michael Hannon baptismal record on Roots Ireland in 1870 with father Andrew.

    The NLI Micofilm records were created in the 1950s. Parishes provided their registers to NLI for microfilming. In a number of situations not all books were provided by a parish (not sure why). Geevagh was obviously one of those parishes. As an aside, you will note that the NLI registers cut off in 1880/early 1881 which I believe was due to privacy concerns.

    Later when the county Heritage centers started the transcription process for Roots Ireland, parishes provide a more complete register including the"missing" books. This explains why Roots Ireland has more complete records for some parishes in the 19th century compared to the NLI registers. 

    I was not able to find any records for Honoria Mulloy.

    I find Roots Ireland to be very helpful for finding records to respond to the various IRO messages. For an individual researcher, it would depend on how many family records are of interest. perhaps a one day or one month subscription would be worthwhile. Roots Ireland does not have records for all counties. There are no records for Co. Fermanagh and only partial records for Wexford, Clare and Cork (the balance of Cork records are on the free site



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 10th Jan 2022, 05:53PM
  • Thanks for all your help Roger. It's fascinating.
    Was there nothing on Roots on Charles Mulloy and Mary Kate McLoughlin?
    I have also posted a query on the Aughrim parish, so I hope you can comment on that one.
    Have a good day. Fionn


    Tuesday 11th Jan 2022, 06:44AM
  • Fionn:

    No baptismal records for children of Charles Mulloy and Mary Kate McLoughlin. However, I did find a June 18 1817 marriage record in Boyle for a Charles Mulloy and Honor McLoghlin. Witnesses were Patrick McLoughlin and James Mulloy.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 12th Jan 2022, 06:11PM
  • Thanks Roger. I found both their deaths in Agrafinigan. No proof of a relationship to me though. There seem to have been a lot of marriages between the Mulloy and McLoughlin families in Ardcarn in 19thC. And a lot of interaction with McLoughlins and O'Haras.
    Thanks for your help. Fionn


    Thursday 13th Jan 2022, 07:36AM

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