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Hi there- looking for information about the Killoran / Cloran family who emigrated from Kilshalvy to the USA and UK during the potato famine.




Saturday 7th Sep 2019, 07:56PM

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  • Hello,

    What was the first name of the Killoran husband and the name of his wife, especially her maiden name,?

    We will also need the names of their children and their dates of birth or approximate dates of birth in Kilshalvy.

    Thank you,

    Dave Boylan


    Saturday 7th Sep 2019, 08:34PM
  • Hello,

    Researching the Healy Family.

    Patrick, John, Mary, Anne & Dominic

    Patrick & Mary's husband ( Thomas Dillon & Tom's son) were found guilty of stealing heifers & sentenced to transportation to Van Dieman's L and , Australia ( Tom's son was judged too sick to travel & died soon after in Richmond Jail, Dublin)

    Both Patrick & Thomas Dillon bought their families out to Tasmania, Australia ( formerly Van Diemans Land)

    John married Catherine McGloin, (or McClune, or McGlune). They had 5 sons & 2 daughters. Patrick, Michael, John and James all migrated to Australia. Rodger remained in reland & took over the family plot at Kilshalvy, Ireland. Catherine married John Meehan & had 8 children, The other daughter thought to be Eleanor but little is known of her.

    Anne married HUGH KILLORAN 17/8/1826 & nothing else is known of where they went. Possibly America (, there is a letter from cousins in America)


    Bob Healy ( descendant of John)




    Tuesday 10th Sep 2019, 01:10PM
  • Thomas Killoran approximate dob - 1830.

    Hugh Killoran seems to be linked via DNA.  The family did go to USA, they are on Ancestry.


    Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023, 06:07PM

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