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I am trying to find the Death of Patrick Farrell.  He was married to Cecelia (Celia) Sweeney and was a Solicitors Clerk in Sligo.    Some of their children moved to Dundee.  Celia died in 1900 Gallows Hill, Sligo and according to their daughters (Celia)Marriage in June1884 he was not recorded as deceased but on their son's Marriage (John) in August 1884 he was recorded as deceased.  

Any help would be appreciated .


Saturday 12th Nov 2022, 09:19PM

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  • Have you looked at civil death records at, a free site?  If he died in Ireland from 1864 on, his death should be listed.


    Sunday 13th Nov 2022, 12:10AM
  • I have searched there and can't find him in Sligo.  I also searched Scottish records in case he was visiting family and I can't find him there.  Is there anyplace else I should search?  He seems to have disappeared.



    Sunday 13th Nov 2022, 08:46AM
  • Perhaps expand the year of death to include pre- and post-1884.  Someone may have made an error in writing the info on the marriage certs. Perhaps he was dead at the time of Celia's marriage but that fact was not noted.

    I hope this helps.


    Sunday 13th Nov 2022, 05:38PM
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    Thanks for your reply.  I have searched from after the birth of their last child 1870 and still nothing.  One of their sons (James) died Dec 1897 and his mother Celia was the informant so that makes me think that Patrick was deceased.

    One thing that does confuse me is the 1851 Census. I found the extract which I have attached but I don't understand it.  Patrick Farrell was a Law Clerk and the address given is a Solicitors Office which makes me think it is the right person but the date written on it is 1922.  Would really appreciate it if someone could explain the form to me.


    Monday 14th Nov 2022, 01:33PM
  • It appears that in the 1920s, a Patrick Farrell, child of Morgan Farrell and Bridget Finnegan, applied for an old age pension.  Since there was no civil registration of births at the time he was born, there was a search of the 1851 census to see if he appeared on it; this would have established his approx. age.


    Monday 14th Nov 2022, 09:53PM

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