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Any information concerning James and John Beatty family blacksiths of Lissaneena Collooney and Sligo Town Tobergall Lane or Stephan Street early to late 1800s or before. Assocated names Anderson and Bent or Ridhardson..

Herewith a previous 2013 Post:
This is a little off subject but you are the only Armstrong from Co. Sligo Ireland that I have found! Your Clan and my Beattie's of Dumfriesshire Scotland rode together during the 1500 in the lawless Debateable Land on the border with Scotland/England. Also, on visiting the C of I St Peter and Paul churchyard Collooney I found Armstrong gravestones near to my family graves. Beatty's were blacksmiths near Quinn's cross and it was a industrial area using the water power from the river. Flax was the main interest but there may also have been some wool! Do you know where your Wool Mill was in Co. Sligo?


Tuesday 19th March 2013, 01:37PM
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Also I do have the relevant posts on Roots web as I probably initiated them in the past. This family Beatty Lineage L-286 Haplogroup R1b-A476 has been traced in C of I records since 1812. The previous century for this family in uncertain.


Sunday 20th Dec 2015, 07:01PM

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  • Do you have this record from

    Name:James BeattyDate of Birth:01-Jan-1863

    Date of Baptism:03-May-1865Address:Tobergal LaneParish/District:ST. JOHNS UNIONGender:MaleCountyCo. Sligo

    Denomination:Church Of Ireland
    Father:John BeattyMother:Letitia


    Here's the parents' marriage:

    Date of Marriage:07-Jun-1853

    Parish / District:ST. JOHNS UNION
    County:Co. Sligo

    LetetiaBentAddress:Tubbergall Lane
    Tubbergall LaneDenomination:Church Of Ireland
    Church Of IrelandOccupation:



    Husband's Father
    Wife's FatherName:JamesBeatty





    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 21st Dec 2015, 04:48AM

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