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My gg grandmother was Mary Kelty, daughter of Peter and Bridget Kelty. Mary was born in Vermont in 1834. I believe that Peter and Bridget were born in County Sligo between 1800 and 1810 or so.

The Keltys were part of a Sligo migration to Vermont,  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Canada (near the Vermont and NY borders) and Upstate New York. There were Kelty's in the area by 1810, and in Vermont by 1830. 

I appreciate any help that you can give me in discovering my family.

Friday 8th Feb 2013, 04:48PM

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  • Hello - sorry for not responding sooner. I know several folks names Kielty in the Ballymote and Culfadda area. There are a number of them buried in the cemetery named Knockbrack - which serves the Drumrat parish area [Keash and Culfadda specifically]. I am heading back over soon for a visit. Would need a bit more information to advise where to begin - espcially since your people left in early 1800's. Any clues form ship registrations, or naturalizaitons papers, or family documents as to the townland they migh have come from? A quicker way to contact me is via e-mail direct - I will be monitoring sporadically mail when over there. It is I'll check this site too. I don't have wifi at my house yet - I have to go to a cousin's to get on.  Happy to assist if I can. My ancestors from this part of Co Sligo - Keash area [Cletty and Drumnagranshy townlands] are Egan's. Take care and best regards. Steve


    Thursday 28th Feb 2013, 08:34PM
  • Oh - PS - I note you added Kilshavey and other areas in southern Co. Sligo - check a map - my house is in Culfadda, south of Ballymote. There is a branch of Keilty's in the area. 


    Thursday 28th Feb 2013, 08:47PM
  • My ancestor Mary Kielty married Owen/Hugh Kerins/Kearns at Culfadda/Keash church.  They then lived in the town land of Listrush.  I believe their first child might have been born/baptized at the church on gurteen.  there was a family of Kielty in Stralea town land which appears directly next to Listrush.  I know that from the Stralea kieltys, a Mary maried Patrick Hannon of Battlefield and Mary's sister Ann married Larry Redican...who became famous for his music.  BUT, I stil don't know what townland my Mary Kielty came from since the church records did not record it.

    Tuesday 11th Jun 2013, 11:56PM
  • Hi - Lots of Kielty's in that area. You have good start with names. The next question is what years are we talking about here. Have you taken a look at the 1901 and 1911 Census records? That is a start to look for the family and the twonland. Especially if you have parent names and maybe names of other siblings. Let me knwo what else you have and we can detemine a course of action for you to pursue from there.



    Wednesday 12th Jun 2013, 03:19PM
  • I have just learned the names of my maternal great-greatgrandparents. They were Lawrence Kielty and Ellen McShean. Lawrence was born in Sligo in 1810. Ellen was born in 1826, though I don't know if it was in Sligo.

    They emigrated to Vermont, and had several children, one of whom was my greatgrandfather, Peter Kelty, born in Vermont in 1850. He married Florestine Ladouceur in Ontario, Canada. They had three children (a son and two daughters, one of whom was Edith Maud Kielty/Kelty, my grandmother). Peter died im 1909. 

    Lawrence died in 1871 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont, US.

    If anyone has mention of a Lawrence Kielty and/or an Ellen McShean in their records, I would be pleased to hear from you. 

    Thank you.

    Wednesday 26th Oct 2016, 03:36PM
  • Take a look at (fre) and (free 14 day trial).  I was recently looking for my Kielty family and I noticed a few Lawrence's in Sligo....maybe even in Kiltytigue townland (spelling typos are easy to find in that).  Culfadda village and church is in Kiltytigue.  This is where my Kilety's may be from or at least it was on a death record.  


    Sunday 1st Apr 2018, 10:32PM
  • Hello!  

    I have been working with a group of people in the Keash/Culfadda parish going through records and place names for townlands. We are creating an information sheet for each townland in the old Drumrat and Toomour Parishes. These give names of families found in Tithe applotment records, Griffiths and the Census. Also inlcuded are URLs for further research. I recognize several of the names above - especailly in Kiltyteigh [in village of Culfadda] and neighboring townlands.We are in the southern part of Co. Sligo - south of Ballymote - look at map.  Eventually when we get funding we'll be placig these on a seperate web site. Meanwhile, I can offer to send you a PDF of the sheet - which includes a map of the townland. I am just down the road in Roskey Beg at the moment. Send me an e-mail to with Kitlteigh TL request in subject line and I'll send back the PDF. I'll take a look at the neighboring townlands and see what matches. I've seen the name Lawrence in the records. 

    Best regards


    Drumrat Sligo

    Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018, 08:58AM
  • My apologies for the spelling errors in my post above. But my e-mail address is correct at least! Take care.

    Steve Lemken - Rooskey Beg

    Drumrat Sligo

    Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018, 09:02AM
  • Hi Steve,

    Your offer is very kind.  My mom Winifred was born in Culfadda, a few houses from the church. Her ggmother was Winny  Kielty (marriage record) to Owen Kerins (Kearns).  Owen is listed in Griffiths in Listrush - not too far from Culfadda.  There was a Patrick Kielty at the death of Owen in about 1894.  This is fhe first time there is another Kielty name associated with the family.  No idea where Patrick or Winny are from.


    Kathy aka above post Winifred Agnes McDermott - BostonKathrynATyahoo  com



    Sunday 15th Jul 2018, 12:56PM
  • Hello Kathy  I am back in Ireland yesterday and just seeing this note. I looked at my townland information sheets and have 4 that may be useful. There are several a couple of Patrick Kielty[s] in the records as well as some Lawrence[s]. Is that your e-mail address? I can send the info as PDFs to you and you can have a look. If something rings a bell, you can check marriage, birth and death records to piece together families. Unfortunately, the census records before 1901 were burned up in the Civil War in 1922 or 23. But that is how I've reconstructed a number of my families. It is a beginning. There are still Kielty[s] living in the house to the left of the church [when faicng that way] Chris Kielty is a friend and I will ask him too when I see him. Let me know. Write to my e-mail - much easier. All the ebst. Steve


    Drumrat Sligo

    Tuesday 17th Jul 2018, 09:42PM
  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for writing back.  I'll have to look in the Keash church records to see if I can pull some names together.  When I was at the church a number of years ago (before the records went on line) I didn't recall see any baptisms for Owen Kearns/Winny Kielty's children, but I'll look again.  A number of the early church records were burned in a I heard.

    I saw that Lawrence Kielty was from Ruskymore, but that is not a name in the family or at least anyone that survived.  Owen Kearns and Winny Kielty had 2 boys, Owen and Mark.

    Thanks for you help.

    Yes, use my email address of


    Thursday 19th Jul 2018, 01:09AM

    HI - just sent note back on gmail with the PDFs. If they are not in your mail box, check spam. Let me know please that you received. Steve


    Drumrat Sligo

    Friday 20th Jul 2018, 01:56PM
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    Hi Steve and All: 

    My grandmother was Anna Lavin, and her father Patrick Lavin was born in County Sligo, Ireland, but emigrated to the U.S. in 1860. I believe Patrick’s parents, John & Bridget (Regan) Lavin, lived in Dernaskeagh in the mid-1800’s. I have a book about John Lavin & U.S. descendants, if anyone is interested. We have Griffith’s Valuation documents for John & Bridget Lavin in Dernaskeagh (attached), but not much else. My daughter and I will be visiting the area August 10-12. Any help appreciated! 


    --David Welsh, San Diego,






    David Welsh

    Saturday 21st Jul 2018, 07:00PM
  • My Great Great Grandmother was a Bridget (Beesy)Kelty  1840-1901 aprox married to Dominic Kerins.

    maybe this is a useful connection for you I have not been successful on her side of the tree.


    Thursday 29th Jul 2021, 06:14AM
  • Hello David, Steve and all. My name is James Regan. My family is descended from the Dernaskeagh Regans. John Regan who is in the 1858 Griffith valuation is my gggrandfather. Domnick Regan in the 1901 census was his son. He was related to the Colemans by marriage.  I'm also related to the Kielty's, Kavanys, Hunts, Daveys and Corcorans from that area. Pleased to make your acquaintance.  My gggrandmother was Mary Kielty or Keelty born in Culfadda in or about 1849. Her parents may have been John and Mary from Culfadda. If David Welsh above is descended from Bridget Regan we may well be related.  My ggrandfather also John Regan came to the USA in 1881.


    Friday 24th May 2024, 03:47AM
  • Hi.  I have been a part of this thread way back in 2018.  I've not been doing much genealogy until recently - finally going through DNA matches.

    I did my DNA test on Ancestry and another on FTDNA.  I also uploaded the DNA to Gedmatch.  And, importantly and FREE, I have uploaded  my DNA to where I have found many matches and it has automatic triangulations and shows which Chromosome and segment you match.  Issue is email people and many don't email back.  My siblings and cousins have also tested on Ancestry since even though 4 siblings might not match, the 5th one might.

    Vermont Keeltys: DNA show I'm very related to their line which is likely from Culfadda: Keiltytigue and Rooskymore/Rooskybeg which have the names Lawrence and Peter (unusual in that area of Sligo for me anyway).

    Due to DNA I'm now a Regan too...from Mayo.  

    Feel free to email me at

    My best,




    Sunday 23rd Jun 2024, 08:15PM

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