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Searching for information "Crofton", Townland: Tully (Templevanny) Finding many families. 1901 Census lists great Grandfather as Dom'k and His mother "Bessy". 4 children (John, Mary E., Francis, Henry). Mary E. married "Costello". i found a son, Michael J. Born (Apr-June 1928)...would appreciate help with search for correct "Crofton" family History

Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013, 12:25AM

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  • Christine:

    Not sure what you mean by the "correct" Crofton family history.

    I did find the 1890 civil marriage index record for Dominick and Beesy Soden. If you want to get a copy of this record, contact the GRO  fill out the GRO form and provide the quarter/year of marriage, the registration distrcit (Boyle) and the volume and page number ( 4 and 47). A copy costs around 4 euros and you can ask that they e-mail the copy to you. The record will show the names of the fathers of the bride and groom and where they were living in 1890.

    I've also included the 1858 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Toomour civil parish. There was a Bridget Crofton in Tully and a James Soden in Templevanny. Possibly James was the father or grandfather of Beesy.

    Roger McDonnell


    First Name: Domnick  

    • Last Name: Crofton  

    • Year: 1890  

    • Registered Quarter/Year: Apr - Jun 1890  

    • Registration District: Boyle  

    • Volume: 4  

    • Page: 47  

    • Potential Spouse Names: Maria Sharket
      Francis M'Gowan
      Mary Sharkey
      Winifred Mulloy
      Beesy Soden
      Catherine Cullen

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013, 01:00AM
  • My apologies. I used "correct" as i found different "Crofton's" in Cork County. I do believe "Soden" is in the family ancestry. This helps to explain the lack of information for "Crofton", in the area.

    I believe the crofton's were from further north, but originally from England.

    I am doing this research in preparation for a visit and hope to learn as much as possible so as to better appreciate the trip.

    I have printed the form and will apply for the copy, per your suggestion.

    I do appreciate your time and effort.






    Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013, 07:00PM

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