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John Thomas O'Brien, born 25 March in Tipperary, son of Patrick O'Brien, went to America in 1854.  Those are the only positive facts I have about my great Grandfather's background.  Recently I found a search of  the 1851 census in Ireland ---

Search in census of 1851 Ireland census:
John O'Brien (or Brien)
Parents - Patrick & Elizabeth (or Betsy)
Residence in 1851:
County: Tipperary N.R.?
Barony: Ormond 
Parish: Aghnameadle
Town: Toomyvara
Street: a number of names are crossed out and the finally it says Church St.

This is the closest I've come to finding a possible clue.  Does anyone know of any way I could find out more about this family so I might eliminate them or - hopefully- do a happy dance all over the house because I might have found the correct family???




Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 07:29PM

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  • From 1801 to 1922, there were 160 John O'Briens baptized in Tipp who were sons of Patrick O'Briens.  So more info would be needed to identify your John's family.

    About what year was he born?

    Who was his wife? his children? his siblings?

    Where did he emigrate to?

    What was his occupation?

    Any info you can supply would be helpful.


    Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 11:23PM
  • Thank you, Patricia for your suggestions.

    As I mentioned, John Thomas O’Brien was born March 25, 1842 to Patrick and unknown O’Brien.  I am aware of no siblings though some family trees have mentioned a sister Ann born in 1937 and a sister Johanna on August 15, 1936.  No proof or source is given for either of the sisters in those family trees.

    His father Patrick was a farmer in Niagara County, New York state after they immigrated in 1854, so I assume Patrick was a farmer in Ireland as well. John was a farmer all his life in America.  I have found no immigration records.  The son, John, the one I am researching, travelled to Wisconsin, likely during the Civil War, and in Fox Lake Wisconsin on November 9, 1870, he married Julia Evelyn Cruden, she being born there, her parents coming from Ireland.


    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 09:47PM

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