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The only information that I have about my great grandparents are: John (Jack) Ryan (1844-1919) and Bridget Comyns (1858-1948)

I have searched several cemetery records, but have found nothing. Any information/advice would be gratefully received

John Benseman

John Benseman

Saturday 1st Oct 2022, 01:42AM

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  •  Hi John,  There were Comyns, also spelled Coman, Common in Clonoulty also  in neighbouring parish , Boherlahan/Dualla.

    Did your Comans  live in Ireland, and if they did, did you find death certs.  You mention Headstones, Clonoulty in on line at Tipperary Studies Digitisation Projects.  I have access to Clogher and Ardmayle, which I will search through

    Do you know which Townland in Clonoulty they lived in, and do you know which month they were born in as I will  look it up on  now free to search.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Christina Ireland  Reaching out Volunteer.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 1st Oct 2022, 11:54AM
  • I found this marriage in Galway:




    MARRIAGE:         05-JUL-1875                      


    NAME:  JOHN     RYAN                    BRIDGET              COMMONS




    AGE:      FUL                       FUL

    STATUS:               BACHELOR          SPINSTER ()

    HUSBAND'S FATHER                                WIFE'S FATHER

    NAME:  TIMOTHY             RYAN                    PETER    COMMONS (BOTH DEAD)                            


    WITNESS NAMES:             PAT        TIGH                     ANNE    COMMONS



    Are you sure your John and Bridget were from Tipp?


    Sunday 2nd Oct 2022, 02:25PM
  • Hi Patricia - many thanks for your reply. I have been fossicking around and found a bit more information that might help.

    I'm reasonably confident that Jack (John?) Ryan was born in Clonoulty in 1844 (Rossmore or Kilmore Ballagh Town parish?). He died in Toowoomba, Queensland 5/10/1919. I have unconfirmed information that his parents were Daniel Ryan (b 1820 in Clonoulty) and Margaret Carroll whose parents were Henry Connors and Anne McNamara

    Jack's wife was Bridget Comyns (or Coman) was born in The Burren, Co Clare in 1858 and died in Toowoomba 31/8/1948

    Jack and Bridget migrated to Australia. Jack left  on the Wacousta, leaving from Castletown in 2/1/1855. They had 12 children, all born in Australia.

    It appears that Jack later went under the name of Carroll rather than Ryan

    I visited Clonoulty about 10 years ago, but only knew that Jack was born there at that point. I searched through the Clonoulty graveyard, but I now know that he is buried in Toowoomba. I should have been looking for his parents' graves of course.

    I'm planning to visit again next year and would really like to have gathered a bit more information by then.

    re 'The Burren': I also visited it and saw of course that it an area rather than a town/village. Does that mean that it will be difficult to track down a specific location for Bridget?

    I really appreciate your help Patricia

    Regards, John

    John Benseman

    Monday 17th Oct 2022, 03:20AM

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