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Thomas Slattery and his wife Annie (nee Maher) married on 15 February 1844 in Parish of Clonoulty, Co Tipperary. At the time, their address was listed as Piercetown, Co Tipperary.  Their daughter, Margaret Slattery who was Baptised 12 January 1845 in Parish of Clonoulty, Tipperary. Margaret immigrated to Sydney, Australia. Margaret sponsors were John Maher and Katherine Stapleton.

Margaret's uncle Mick Maher paid an Immigration Deposit for Margaret to travel to Sydney in 1863. Mick Maher also paid another Immigration Deposit for Daniel Casey, who traveled to Sydney on the same ship as Margaret Slattery. I assume Daniel Casey maybe related to Margaret Slattery. Also listed on the Immigration record was that both her parents were alive in 1863.

Carl Parkinson

Saturday 16th Sep 2023, 10:04AM

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  • Carl:

    I forwarded your message to a volunteer who is familiar with Clonoulty parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 16th Sep 2023, 02:03PM
  • Hi  Carl,  found  Slattery family still in Piercetown  Gooldscross  in Phone book.

     Will write to them and get back to you.


    Christina, Volunteer Irelandxo.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 17th Sep 2023, 04:04PM
  • Hi Christina, A big thank you for helping me out with my search for my Slattery and Maher families.

    Regards Carl Parkinson

    Carl Parkinson

    Monday 18th Sep 2023, 03:55AM
  • Hi Carl

    A couple of great places for free resources in Australia are Family Search, but you need to use COLLECTIONS.... then look for IMMIGRATION - AUSTRALIA.. with the correct dates for the dataset you need... just a friendly reminder to use the NSW records for early arrivals to Vic and SA too, because they were not states until 1850s? (can't remember the year), so the records will be under NSW, but of course include SA or Vic as well if you need.  

    For each immigrant, there are multiple records, there is the passenger list, the ship log, PLUS other records like the DEPOSITORS JOURNALS, BOUNTY IMMIGRANTS, ASSISTED IMMIGRATION etc.... which hold more bio info than just a passenger list will.   There ARE records on MHNSW (Maritime History NSW ARchives)... but it can be difficult to use with spelling variations.


    I did a quick search for you, specifically for Margaret Slattery from Piercetown, but also kept an eye out for any Clonoutly Tipperary records... and found a few for you   I have put them below as screenshots where you will see the year, the ship name, then the persons name and bio... which includes parents names and names of family in the colony already.   I found these on Family Search.  Link below for the exact search criteria I used and the Collections I included.



    When you look at a record online, most of the immigration records are in a sort of alphabetical order... so all the Slatterys will be after each other, but the alphabetical order isn't always on their first name too, so flick through the pages before and after the Slattery you see, just in case there are some more for your family tree.

    PLEASE look at the Collection on Family Search under Immigration for BOUNTY IMMIGRANTS, I noticed a LOT of Slatterys arriving... actually I noticed a lot arriving even before the bounty scheme, so set the dates for the 1820s too. Then have another search just on immigration to SA.  Not sure where your Slatterys lived but there were lots of families that came to Australia and didn't care which city they landed in because once they were here, they could head east or west easier... and sometimes they had a shorter wait to come here.


    There were a few Slatterys from County Clare who arrived too, specifically a couple of families who were literally four daughters, the oldest 18, the youngest 11, both parents had already passed... I would assume the famine based on the dates of arrival... but these girls would have had family here, so they may be 'hidden' under another family of Slatterys... check the 1891 census too.



    Yes she was living in Piercetown Tipperary by the looks... her parents were Thomas and Anne.  At the time of her trip to Australia on the SIROCCO, her father was still alive, her mum had passed away.   She is brought here by Michael Maher, who is her uncle... her mothers brother I believe.  But there is mention of THREE uncles here in the colony.  Mary can read and write and is a Roman Catholic. There is an address mentioned for uncle Michael Maher in NSW, I believe it says BEGGAN Twofold(?) Bay.

    Please look at the images I have uploaded, they are all on Family Search, so free to access.... I have named the filename with a description so its easier for you.

    I haven't found Casey yet, BUT, there are lots of Slattery's with bio info on the immigration registers and I guess if you wanted to do a search for Casey as an immigrant, it may come up. 


    I have included a few extra screenshots of Slatterys I found, so you can see the types of records, which do includes specific locations in Ireland... all around Tipperary and County Clare, I think that if you wanted, you could start building a few family trees with them, they may connect to yours.


    Hope something in there was helpful for you :)


    Monday 18th Sep 2023, 11:22AM
  • Hi Carl,  I wrote to your Irish Slattery,s. Sadly they have not replied to me.  My email address should you like to contact me

    amazing material done by Lilly.


    Christina Irelandxo,  Volunteer.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 30th Sep 2023, 09:46AM
  • Hi Lilly

    A big thank you for doing all this researching for me. I have used FamilySearch to search for Baptisms etc however I have never used them to search for immigrants. Will do some searching for the Maher uncles and Daniel Casey. Once again, many thanks. I am truly impressed with the work you have done for me!

    Regards Carl 

    ps. I have been busy lately as our two grandchildren (aged 8 and 6) have been staying with us for two weeks during the school holidays.

    Carl Parkinson

    Wednesday 4th Oct 2023, 06:37AM

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