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I am researching Richard White of Greenhall, Parish of Killoscully, County Tipperary, son of Henry White, who on 30 Jul 1847 shot and killed his cousin of the same name, Richard White of Abbeyville, County Limerick, son of Richard White. (That's three men named Richard White.) The Whites of Greenhall rented land from the Whites of Abbeyville, who fell into arrears at the height of the Famine. The court issued an injunction allowing those of Abbeyville to take possession of the cow herd from those in Greenhall. The murder occurred during the attempted enforcement of that injunction.

There is an 1830 baptismal record for Richard White at Killoscully, son of Henry White and Katherine Ryan. He's got at least two brothers: William, baptized 1828, and Henry, baptized 1835. That seemed a good match but I'm not convinced these are the "Whites of Greenhall."

Henry Jr., the brother of murder suspect Richard White of Greenhall, committed suicide in 1859, and farewell note mentions that he is the son of "Henry White of Greenhall" and "grandson of late Henry Rose, high sheriff of County Limerick." And, indeed, on 13 May 1862, there died in Dublin one Mary White, "relict of Henry White, Esq., of Greenhall" and "daughter of the late Henry Rose, Esq., Limerick" - their mother, it seems.

So, were there really two contemporaneous Henry White families in Killoscully, each with sons named Richard and Henry? One of them Catholic with a wife named Katherine Ryan? The other of unknown religious affiliation (though context suggests Anglican) with a wife named Mary Rose?

Any help would be massively appreciated. Many thanks for your consideration.



Monday 24th Jun 2024, 04:29AM

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  • Hi,

    I checked RootsIreland records (paid subscription) and found the following children born to Henry White and Catherine Ryan and their birthplaces-

    Willian 1828 Tulla, Newport

    Richard 1830 Cloonlough, Newport

    Deni 1832 Gurrane, Newport

    Henty 1835  Shallee, Newport

    John 1838 Nenagh

    Thomas 1842 Nenagh


    Articles I found about the Whites and Greenhall


    Greenhall | Tipperary | Landed Estates | University of Galway

    White (Greenhall & Abbeyville) | Landed Estates | University of Galway

    White (Kilmoylan) | Family | Landed Estates | University of Galway

    History of Killoscully, in and County Tipperary | Map and description (

    Killoscully, Tipperary - genealogy heraldry and history (


    Regards- Mary


    Monday 24th Jun 2024, 01:36PM
  • Hi,

    From Ancestry-Catholic Parish Registry

    Name William White
    Baptism Age 0
    Event Type Baptism
    Birth Date 1828
    Baptism Date 8 Jan 1828
    Baptism Place Newport, Tipperary, Ireland
    Residence Place Tulla
    Parish Variants Birdhill, Drumkeen, Killoscully, Killoughscully, Newport and Birdhill, Newport and Killoscully, Newport and Killoughscully
    Diocese Cashel and Emly
    Father Henry White
    Mother Catherine Ryan


    Name Jno White
    Baptism Age 0
    Event Type Baptism
    Birth Date 1838
    Baptism Date 23 Oct 1838
    Baptism Place Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland
    Parish Variants Lisbouny, Nenagh and Lisbouny
    Diocese Killaloe
    Father Henry White
    Mother Cathe Ryan

    Regards- Mary


    Monday 24th Jun 2024, 02:22PM
  • Dear Mary,

    The information you so kindly provided leads me to believe that Henry White and his wife Catherine Ryan,whose children were baptized in the Catholic church, are not the parents of the Richard White whom I'm researching. This family seemed to move progressively northward, may still be in Nenagh in July 1847 at the time of the murder.

    The Henry White of Greenhall, who married Mary Rose (daughter of Henry Rose of Limerick City), despite identical naming conventions, seems to be an Anglican (based on reflections of his extended family). It's interesting because when his son Richard White fled after the murder, he sought refuge within ardently Irish Catholic villages in the US.

    My research suggests the Greenhall Whites originally descend from old Anglo-Norman stock, prior to the Reformation, and though initially Jacobites, many of whom fled to the continent to join the ranks of Catholic nations, those who remained began converting to Anglicanism around 1700. I was trying to understand if religion might have played any role in the murder (even tangentially) but it's looking more and more like Richard and his cousin shared the same faith. Probably.

    Thank you again for your time and expertise. This is a great help.



    Monday 24th Jun 2024, 05:36PM
  • Hi,

    Apologize for the misspelling of Denis and Henrys' names.

    Although there is nothing to suggest they were brothers, there were several Whites with similar names that were married in Nenagh around the same time.

    1854 William married Ellen Power. They were in the 1901 census for Nenagh. William was a laborer.

    1857 Henry married Mary Ryan

    1857 John married Mary Meara

    1859 Richard married Johanna Whelehan. Richard died in 1894, age 64. He was a sawyer.

    Per Irishgenealogy (free website), there was a Henry White, age 79, who died at the Nenagh infirmary/ workhouse. He was a carpenter and a widow.

    7201127.pdf (

    Regards- Mary


    Monday 24th Jun 2024, 06:01PM
  • The above Richard White's 1859 marriage in Ireland rules him out as the murder suspect. You just save me untold hours.

    Now that I know these are indeed two different families, I can concentrate on trying to learn more about Henry White and his wife Mary Rose, as I'm confident they are the parents of Richard White of Greenhall. I'm inching closer, Mary Thank you!


    Monday 24th Jun 2024, 09:03PM
  • TL,

    While I could not find any sons, on Roots Ireland, there are these records for your consideration:

    Anna White, 2 May 1824, to Henry White and Mary (surname not recorded), Newport parish, Church of Ireland, residence Greenhall, occupation of Henry is Esquire

    Henrietta White, 8 Dec 1830 to Henry White and Mary (no surname), Newport parish, Church of Ireland, residence "Greenhill" - probably hall, no occupation listed.

    Rev. J Pennefather performed both baptisms. 





    Tuesday 25th Jun 2024, 03:30AM
  • Carolyn,

    Yes, I think this probably the family of the Richard White I'm interested in. In his brother Henry's suicide note, he even refers to his place of origin as "Greenhall, Newport, County Tipperary."

    So as suspected, they are Church of Ireland. Thank you for this information - a new path to explore now.

    Best of everything,



    Tuesday 25th Jun 2024, 10:15AM

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