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Hi there,

I am looking for more information about William Corboy's parents Jeremiah Corboy and Honora Donoghue.

William Corboy was

  • Born 1838-1840 presumably in Tipperary (NZBDM says age at death was 44 but grave says 42 years)
  • Baptised 6 Feb 1839 in Tipperary (baptism record)
  • Immigrated to New Zealand in 1866 (newspaper article)
  • Married Mary Donovan 31 May 1870 in Onehunga, New Zealand (NZBDM/wedding announcement)
  • Died 4 Dec 1882 Kihikihi, New Zealand (obituary/grave)

I am looking for more information about his parents Jeremiah Corboy (connected the dots through his eldest son's obituary Patrick) and Honora Donoghue (identified through Jeremiah's death certificate).

Jeremiah Corboy

  • Born abt. 1812 in Tipperary (death certificate)
  • Married Honora Donoghue 21 Feb 1832 when he was 19 in Tipperary (marriage record/death certificate)
  • Immigrated to New Zealand abt. 1877 (death certificate says he was in New Zealand 6 years)
  • Died 2 Jun 1883 in Kihikihi, New Zealand (death certificate / obituary)
  • Parents were William Corboy and Mary Ryan

Honora Donoghue

  • Married Jeremiah 21 Feb 1832 in Tipperary (marriage record/Jeremiah's death certificate)



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