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I am with the Guideras who came over with John Guidera in the late 1800s to New York.  In 1911, an article said he had 6 brothers back in Ireland and 3 sisters that came to New York.  One, we believe, was Sarah who came to New York and later became Sister Euthropia.  We had that John's parents were Michael and Catherine Treacy (Tracy?).  Sarah (Sister Euthropia) listed her Mom as Margaret Bourke (Burke).  We are trying to resolve this discepancy.  We saw this related post.

Areas would be Roscrea, Tipperary County area.

Is it possible that Michael Guidera remarried?  Can anyone help us with this?  Is it the same Michael Guidera with two different wives and families?


Any help would be appreciated!!!!


Michael Guidera m Catherine Tracy 1857 Couraguneen RC, 2 children


Eliza 1858


John 1859 - We believe this is our relative who came to New York in late 1800s


Did Catherine die/divorce and this same Michael remarried Margaret Burke?


Michael Guidera m Margaret Burke living in Kyleannagh Bourney west married in Templemore RC


Mary 1865


Sarah 1866 - We believe she came to New York and entered the convent and became sister Euthropia


Daniel 1867


Johanna 1870


Michael 1872   Got uncles place in Cullahill


Margaret 1876


Thomas 1877


James 1878    Lived in Cullahill with brother and uncle


Edward 1879


Bridget 1880

US Guideras

Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 03:20PM

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  • US Guideras:

    I believe that you are correct that Michael married twice.

    Civil registration of deaths started in 1864 and also registration of births and RC marriages also started in 1864. 

    The civil marriage record for Michael Guider and Margaret Burke in February 1864 (see second record) shows that Michael was a widower. Likely Catherine died during the birth of John or shortly after but there is no record of her death.

    From the civil birth records I reviewed for some of the children, it appears that the family lived in Kileanna which is likely a place name not a townland. Likely in Templemore civil parish.

    The Irish Census site on the National Archives web site has been down for two days so no way to check the 1901 census.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 04:44PM
  • RootsIreland lists 11 children for Michael and Margaret:


    1. Civil Birth     Guidera         Mary  1865    Co. Tipperary          
    2. Civil Birth     Guidera         Sarah  1866    Co. Tipperary          
    3. Civil Birth     Guidera         Daniel            1867    Co. Tipperary          
    4. Civil Birth     Guider           Patrick           1869    Co. Tipperary          
    5. Civil Birth     Guidera         Johanna         1870    Co. Tipperary          
    6. Civil Birth     Guidera         Michael          1872    Co. Tipperary          
    7. Civil Birth     Guider           Thomas          1873    Co. Tipperary          
    8. Civil Birth     Guider           Edward          1874    Co. Tipperary          
    9. Civil Birth     Guidera         Margaret       1876    Co. Tipperary
    10. Civil Birth     Guidera         James 1878    Co. Tipperary          
    11. Civil Birth     Guidera         Bridget           1880    Co. Tipperary


    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 09:41PM
  • Thank you for the quick response.  I will review the information you sent over.  I appreciate the thoughtful reply!

    US Guideras

    Sunday 5th Mar 2023, 01:31PM
  • Roger and Patricia,


    Thank you again for this.  Is the listing of kids and births all attributed to Michael and Margaret?  I noticed that some were Guider and some were Guidera.  It sounds like Michael Guider (Guidera) was a farmer. Thanks for all of this information.


    We are also searching for when John Guidera came over to the United States.  He was born in 1859 and came over between 1879-1881.  Again, another mystery for out family.





    US Guideras

    Sunday 5th Mar 2023, 09:20PM
  • Hi, The Guider and Guidera names in the baptismal records...all the children belong to Michael and Margaret.  Variations in spelling are very common in old records. 


    Monday 6th Mar 2023, 01:46PM
  • Thank you Patricia!  You have been incredibly helpful.  I appreciate it.

    US Guideras

    Monday 6th Mar 2023, 06:38PM
  • Bob:

    You may have this 1901 census record from Cullahill which shows Michael and James living with their uncle John.

    1911 shows Michael as head of household but uncle John is still living

    1895 marriage record for Mary Guidera

    1915 marriage record for Bridget Guidera second record

    1924 marriage record for Michael Guidera  fourth record




    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 7th Mar 2023, 08:37PM
  • Last question - I promise...


    I see on the marriage record between Michael and Margaret Burke that the father is listed as John Guidera.  We had Michael Guidera as the father of Michael Guidera (although no source). I found a John Guidera who was born around 1798 and died in 1875.  Could this be the father?  Anyway to tie this to our Michael.


    It looks like Michael had a brother John and that he had the property and that some of Michael's sons stayed with him (according to the 1901 census and 1911 census).


    My specific question is the father of Michael Guidera (spouse Margaret Burke) Michael or John Guidera?  Does that make sense with the naming conventions back then?  I don't know how many siblings Michael and John had, but it looks like Michael is the first son and John the second?  IF John is the father would it normally be the third son is named after the father.  Could Michael's father be the John Guidera that was born in 1798.


    Thank you for all your help.  I spent 2 hours last night and kept going in circles.



    US Guideras

    Friday 17th Mar 2023, 01:08PM
  • Bob:

    The 1864 record shows John as the father of Michael and absent any other records, I would assume the father of Michael  was John.

    Your list of children in your original note lists John as the oldest son and that matches the name of the father on the marriage record. Naming conventions were not followed in all situations but in your case, it appears to have been followed.

    The third son would be named after his father if naming conventions were followed but again the conventions were not always followed.

    The 1875 death record shows the informant as John Guidera from Kylanna. No indication of relationship to the John Guidera who died but I think there is enough circumstantial info e.g Kylanna to assume that the John who died was the father of Michael and John.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 18th Mar 2023, 03:11PM
  • Thanks for the help with this post.  I was trying to use the Griffith Valuation to find where the Guider relatives lived and am a little confused.  Would someone be able to help me track where Michael Guidera or his Uncle John Guidera lived and in what location?

    US Guideras

    Wednesday 14th Jun 2023, 01:44AM
  • The 1850 Griffiths for Co. Tipperary lists John Guider, Patrick Guider and Timothy Guider all living in Ballykelly townland in Bourney civil parish/. Possible location for your family.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Jun 2023, 11:35PM
  • Thanks Roger.  I guess it wouldn't be unusual for Michael Guidera to work on his Uncle's piece of land as he is shown to be with him in the 1901 census assuming that it's the same family.

    US Guideras

    Thursday 15th Jun 2023, 12:30PM

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