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Seeking information of John Kennedy who married Anne Toole in 1832 and migrated to South Australia in 1846.

John James Ryan travelled with John Kennedy and Anne Toole to South Australia and eventually married their daughter Hanorah.

Anita Tsamtsikas

Wednesday 16th May 2012, 11:39AM

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  • Hi there,

    Do you have any additional details about your ancestors? If you do, please post as much information here as you can. The detail that you provide, the more likely you will get a response. What are the Tipperary connections?

    Where did you hear about these connections?

    Have you checked the immigration records in Australia? You have the name of the ship and a date, so this will help a lot. Generally, more information was given at the port of arrival rather than the port of departure. The University of Woolongong has produced, on microfiche, a complete index and transcript of all information concerning immigrants of Irish origin recorded on ships' passenger lists between 1848 and 1867. These are useul for finding out an exact place of origin as well as parents' names. The Public Record Office of Victoria has good online databases of settlers at Otherwise, other records may be found in the Colonial Office Papers of the UK National Archives, class reference CO 201. This class contains a wide variety of records, including petitions for assisted passages, emigrants' lists, records of emigrants on board ship, peitions from settlers for financial assistance and much more.

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for the diocese of Borrisokane (Killaloe). These date from 1821 for baptismal and marrriage records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 2483, or the Tipperary North Family History Foundation If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    You could also try checking the land records called the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38). Microfilm copies of the books for all of Ireland are available at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The Tithe Applotment List will be useful to you, or at least interesting for you. These lists constitute the only nationwide survey for the period, and are valuable because the heaviest burden of the tithes to the Established Church, the Church of Ireland, fell on the poorest, for whom few other records survive.The information in the Tithes is quite basic, typically consisting of townland name, landholder's name, area of land and tithes payable. Many Books also record the landlord's name and an assessment of the economic productivity of the land. the tax payable was based on the average price of wheat and oats over the seven years up to 1823, and was levied at a different rate depending on the quality of land. For Parishes where the registers do not begin until after 1850, this information can be useful, as they are often the only surviving early records. They can provide valuable circumstantial evidence, especially where a holding passed from father to son in the period between the Tithe survey and Graffith's Valuation.

    1796: Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement Lists This was part of a government scheme to encourage the linen trade, free spinning wheels or looms were granted to individuals planting a certain area of land with flax.The lists of those entitled to the awards, covering almost 60,000 individuals, were published in 1796, and record only the names of the individuals and the civil parish in which they lived. The majority, were in Ulster, but some names appear from every county except Dublin and Wicklow. A microfiche index to the lists is available in the National Archives, and in PRONI. Check for lots of information including information from other sources.

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)




    Monday 28th May 2012, 03:34PM
  • Hello, John Keenedy and Anne TOOLE are my Great  Great Great Grandparents.

    I would be interestied to get in contact with you.



    Saturday 15th Sep 2012, 12:13AM
  • Hi, I  have searched for these people months ago. Honorah, was she born on the 13th of November 1833 and was she a twin to a boy called James? I was in Dublin in the Library about 2 years ago getting some records and noticed this entry, being Kennedy I took a copy. The entry says Jno short for John. Please confirm if this is correct. Margot


    Thursday 14th Mar 2013, 03:31PM
  • Hello there Trish, great to hear from you sorry about the delay but I haven't been online for ages. John Kennedy and Anne Toole lived and died near Strathalbyn south Australia, are these your ancestors?  If so I would love to chat with you about them and maybe swap information, I am particularly interested in Hanorah who married John ryan?

    Please contact me when you get a chance.



    Anita Tsamtsikas

    Saturday 16th Mar 2013, 04:56AM
  • HI Margot, thank you for you email, sorry took so long to answer but have been away. the oly details I have for Honorah was born in 1833, she died 1915 here in south australia. I dont know anything about a twin, but that is very interesting. Her siblings I have as John, Marget, william and Mary.  Honorah is my G<G<G<Grandmother.

    I would be grateful for anything you hae, I did go to Dublin last year with my cousin but spent minimal time in the library, we were focussng on our mutual relative and didn't get much opportunity to look into the records regarding this family.

    I hope you can assist,




    Anita Tsamtsikas

    Saturday 16th Mar 2013, 05:05AM
  • Hi Anita,
    I was going through my records the other day when I noticed some info on John and Anne.
    They lived in a place called Kilaganny, down the road from where I was born.
    This house, well now ruins, is where my Grandfathers parents lived. His mother was a Kennedy, but I know all the family and I know we are not related.

    Yes, James was the twin to Honorah, sadly he died on the ship going to Australia.



    Monday 11th Feb 2019, 01:01PM

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