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Edward was from Tipperary town and came to Victoria , Australia in the early 1850s.

His brother Martin had emigrated to Melbourne , Victoria in 1841.He was a cooper.

Edward / Ned died at the Ballarat goldfields in 1854 - age 36.

Two letters in the Melbourne newspapers said Ned was a cooper and that he lived Henry St , Tipperary with his mother.

i believe Henry St is now called O'Brien St.

I have found a Mrs Maglynn (sic) on the 1851 Griffiths Evaluation - she was renting a house on Henry St on the townland of Bohercrow.

Any information about Martin or Edward. would be much appreciated.Thank you.


Wednesday 28th Sep 2022, 04:02AM

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  • Jim,

    What was the name of their father.

    I attach two records of an Edward McGlynn who emigrated to Melbourne in 1852 and the death record of an Edward McGlynn in 1855.

    Do they relate to your "Edward McGlynn". 

    Have you the death records for Edward and Martin?



    Wednesday 28th Sep 2022, 07:28AM
  • Hello McCoy

    Yes that is Edwards death record. However he died in December 1854 - his death was not recorded until 1855.

    My death certificate does not have his father's name. The informant was a storekeeper.

    But his brother Martin named his only son Thomas - could that be their father's name?

    There is no death certificate for Martin - he died in 1853.So I don't have any family details for him either.

    That's interesting about the ship's record - maybe it is Edward.

    So what is your interest in Edward?

    Thanks for responding.


    Thursday 29th Sep 2022, 01:56AM
  • Jim,

    Attached record from Subscription site which shows a baptism in the parish of Carrick-on-Suir in 1786.

    Apparently the entry in the church record was MA Glin which was corrected to "Glynn" by Roots.

    A check for a "Thomas MA Glynn/McGlynn" in County Tipperary was negative.

    Griffith's valuation in Henry Street, Tipperary Town record a Mrs Margaret O'Leary of being the owner of No. 80 Henry Street.

    You should contact St. Michael's Parish in Tipperary Town  - email: to see if there is a death record

    for MaGlyn post 1850.



    Thursday 29th Sep 2022, 04:35PM
  • Hi ,

    Ned McGlynn was involved in the miners protest at the Ballarat goldfields in December 1854.They took up arms and built a stockade on the Eureka site of the goldfields as a protest against the mining license. It's known as the Eureka Rebellion. The Eureka area was well known because there were many 'Tipperary Boys' living there. The army attacked stockade - 8 of the 30 miners who died were Irishmen - including Ned.

    So now I have a famous ancestor in my tree!

    His body was put in an unmarked grave at the Old Ballarat cemetery.




    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 02:14AM
  • Jim,

    Thanks for the information. It appear that the Miners were to be charged £3.0.0 a month for a licence.

    Attached some details.



    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 12:33PM
  • I haven’t seen that honour roll before.Thanks 


    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 09:42PM

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