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My great great great grandfather William McCoy and his wife Catherine McBay were from Clogherny. My great great grandmother Isabella or Bella McCoy was stated to be from Laragh on her marriage record in 1889. She then moved to Eskragh in the Clogher Parish with her husband John Crawford. My great great grandfather John Crawford passed away and in 1910 she remarried the widow of Mary Anne Craig, William James Pauley. They lived in Donaghanie in 1911.


Friday 30th Nov 2012, 09:41PM

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  • David Coulter born 1823 in Tyrone, Ireland married Jane Simpson on Nov 1855 in Clogherny, Tyrone, Ireland.  I have this marriage certificate but am looking for the parents of both David and Jane.  On the marriage certificate it lists David's father as John (b about 1820) and Jane's father as Samuel Simpson.  Also on the other side of the Coulter's I have a John Coulter born 1820 and married Elizabeth McCallum but cannot find either their birthdates or marriage.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Sunday 2nd Dec 2012, 11:14PM
  • I noticed you have David listed as born in 1823 and his father born in abt 1820. Wouldn't in be more likely his father be born abt 1800? From my research I have discovered that registrations for births, marriages,  and deaths were not required until 1864. Any marriages, births, or deaths recorded before this time are likely to be church records.  There is a wonderful group of geneologists and others with your common goal who use and its mailing list to colaborate ideas and further research. Join the mailing list and email your inquirey here

    I have attached a map of the town lands in the Clogherny Parish. There are maps on the site as well for all the parishes and their town lands.


    Best of luck.



    Michael Kelly

    Cameron County,
    United States of America




    Tuesday 4th Dec 2012, 11:02AM
  • Michael:


    That you for replying.  I guess I should explain myself better.  David Coulter born 1861 in Tyrone, Ireland married Isabella Emiline Coulter.  They married in Manitoba, Canada.  Not sure if they were cousins.  David Coulter's parents were David Coulter Sr. b 1823  and married Jane Simpson, both born and married in Tyrone, Ireland.  

    Father of David Coulter Sr was John Coulter born abt 1800.  Parents  of Isabella Emiline Coulter were John Coulter born about 1820 and Elizabeth McCallum.


    I hope this explains better.






    Friday 7th Dec 2012, 11:22PM
  • Hello Michael

    Do you happen to know the names of Willam Pauley, who married Bella McCoy, parents names?

    Kind Regards



    Monday 20th May 2013, 01:10PM
  • According to both his marriage records Williams father was Andrew. The record I found for his birth which I am not 100% it is him says his mother is Sarah Pauley and father is unknown.

    If you have any information on him I would be very greatful as the children he had with my great great grandmother are my 2nd great aunt Ellen Pauley and uncle William Pauley. I believe Ellen was living in Ratory in the parish of Clogher in 1935. This is where the daughter Nellie on Isabella's death record stated residence.






    Monday 20th May 2013, 03:29PM
  • Well I could only suggest looking through the revision books for the Griffith Valuations which start in 1860 and end about 1930. This will show when it was recognized that the land had changed hands or ownership. You can view them here.



    According to this link you will need to look in the townland Raw for a John Coulter


    I see no mention of David so he may have been deceased by this time.



    if you search the archives on you will see there was a William Coulter in Mullaghmore under pre 1858 wills.



    I found no trace of a Samuel Simpson either.


    good luck and I hope this helps a little if nothing else.






    Tuesday 21st May 2013, 02:41AM

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