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Gussie Mullan born Oct 26 1894 at Tulyodonnell, Rock. Married a Muldoon and ended up living out near the Cement Factory. Three children ... Mary (married McKernan), Gussie and Gerard.

Can't locate a marriage record.


Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 02:49PM

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  • Gerry,

    Gussie in 1911:

    I searched the marriages 1911 – 1931 but did not find a Muldoon = Mullan marriage. Likewise searched births 1911 – 1923 and did not see any of the children you mention. (Births after August 1923 are not searchable on-line, save in PRONI or GRONI). I think these children were all born post 1923.

    I think I may have found the marriage though. There’s a marriage between James Muldoon and Augusta Muldoon regd in Cookstown 28th Jan 1925.  Gussie is surely short for Augusta? Why she is recorded as Muldoon and not Mullan I cannot say – clerical error perhaps? - but I suspect that’s her. You’ll need to look at the record on the GRONI site to decide.

    Irish Weekly & Ulster Examiner 7th May 1932 mentions Dan Mullan’s death. Probate abstract on the PRONI wills site. It’s possible that the will itself might mention Gussie. (It’s in PRONI and is not on-line).

    Mullan Daniel of Tullyodonnell Rock county Tyrone farmer died 30 April 1932 Probate Belfast 8 March to James Muldoon farmer. Effects £26 10s.

    Note that the executor was James Muldoon, farmer. Presumably Gussie’s husband?

    Mid Ulster Mail 9th Feb 1935 offers the family farm, for sale, being sold by Miss Mary Mullan.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 03:40PM
  • Elwyn,

    What a wonderful reply. Really explained what I needed to know. You do a wonderful job at Ireland Reaching Out. We would all be lost without such fantastic volunteers. We really appreciate your help.

    Gerry Mulgrew


    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 05:27PM

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