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Is Lissan what was Lisnaneen.   This appears on my mother-in-laws birth certificate.  Can anyone clarify - the family seem to come from the Cookstown area.

Saturday 24th Aug 2013, 01:29PM

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  • There is a parish of Lissan within Co Tyrone and also a townland of that same name within the parish. I cannot find Lisnaneen but there is a townland called Lisnanane which is possibly what you have found. It?s a separate place, in a different parish (Desertcreat) but again close to Cookstown.

    Note that there are 3 townlands called Lissan, as well as the parish, all in Co Tyrone so when checking records make sure you go for the correct one.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Monday 26th Aug 2013, 01:59PM
  • Thankyou for clarifying that.  I have checked again and it is actually Lisnanane on the birth certificate.   Is there anyway I could find out about the Dr. in attendance - a Dr. Elliott.  It was in Feb. 1920.  There is mystery surrounding the family and I am trying to unraval it (along with a relative in Australia).   Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

    Monday 26th Aug 2013, 03:19PM
  • The 1918 street directory for Cookstown lists a Dr Alfred M Elliott MB B.Ch living at Loy St. I would imagine this is him as a student in 1901:

    Can?t see him in the 1911 census so he was possibly in Scotland or England either working, or obtaining a postgraduate qualification.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Monday 26th Aug 2013, 07:04PM
  • I have checked the birth certificate again and it is a Dr A M Elliott, so thank you for this information .   I presume that he was working/living in Cookstown/Lisnanane in 1920 when she was born.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Monday 26th Aug 2013, 07:28PM

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