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My Browner ancestors came from Palace East and some of them went to Camaross including James Browner who married and had a large family and his cousin Catherine Browner (died 1874) who did not marry. The 7 Browner children of James and Mary Morrissey did not marry and the family died out in the 1940s. I wonder whether anybody knows where these Browners are buried and whether there is a headstone or marker that I could visit? I'd appreciate any assistance. Liam


Tuesday 14th Nov 2023, 09:03AM

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  • Liam would you like me to ask this question on the Wexford History & Genealogy page on facebook? There may be some locals there who might know. 

    I am an admin on that page Facebook page.






    Karen Cassidy

    Monday 4th Dec 2023, 01:27PM

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