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Seeking specific location in County Wexford of birth & family of Patrick Kennedy 1835-1869.  I believe his Father was Thomas Kennedy.  Patrick died in 1869 and was married to a Mary Cloury from County Carlow


Monday 29th Aug 2022, 04:04PM

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  • Kennedy was a common name in Wexford.  Do you have any other information? His children's names?  Place of death? Occupation?  Mother's name?
    Did he die in Ireland or abroad?



    Monday 29th Aug 2022, 06:19PM
  • Thank you For your response !

    Patrick’s death was in 1869 in Boone Wisconsin, USA.  He was killed in a railroad accident where he was employed.  His wife, Mary (Cloury) was supposedly born in County Carlow and eventually married a John Kelley ( much her senior)   Mary and John Kelly died in Eldora, Iowa, USA

    Patrick and Mary had 3 children    1 girl, 2 boys    I am related to their daughter, Lillian (Kennedy) Leggett born in 1860 in Wisconsin, USA   Lillian Kennedy Leggett died in 1937 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA

    i have no proof (and seek it) the Father of Patrick   I have a belief his name was Thomas Kennedy born 1798  in County Wexford, Ireland  and died in 1889 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA   91 years old!  I also read he had one son from a relationship . . . Meaning out of wedlock?  This could be Patrick as I cannot locate a Mother figure   

    ANY and all help would be most appreciated as they were either extremely poor or living under the witness protection program   LoL   I want to visit their birth places ( Mary & Patrick)

    Thank you so much , Abbey




    Monday 29th Aug 2022, 10:31PM
  • If you look at the 1870 federal census of WI showing Thomas and family, there is a Patrick Kennedy and family on the same page.  Your Patrick died in 1869, however, so this could not be him.  The 1870 Patrick is likely related to Thomas, maybe his son.


    Tuesday 30th Aug 2022, 11:49PM
  • Yes, Patrick Kennedy had 3 children

    Lillian L Kennedy.    1860-1937

    Thomas Patrick Kennedy.   1863-1942

    Matthew Daniel Kennedy.    1868-1942

    This tells me the census could be accurate      What say you?



    Wednesday 31st Aug 2022, 02:47AM
  • Your Patrick died in 1869, correct?  The Patrick in the 1870 census could not be him.  Also, the 1870 Patrick had at least five children, none of them Lillian, Matthew, etc.


    Wednesday 31st Aug 2022, 01:45PM
  • Lillian had moved on by then.   She was the oldest.   The new husband, John Kelley brought Mary Cloury Kennedy Kelley’s two sons into the home. 
    Thomas Patrick Kennedy & Mathew Kennedy

    they also had two other children in the home

    Mary E Kelley, & Frank Kelley

    perhaps John Kelley had these two children from a previous marriage    In 1885 Iowa State Census John Kelley was 72 and Mary Cloury Kennedy Kelley was 45!

    I know it is very confusing having two Patrick’s and two Mary’s in the mix!


    Wednesday 31st Aug 2022, 11:51PM
  • Can you suggest ant other links I might search?

    thank you for your time


    Saturday 3rd Sep 2022, 03:50PM
  • Not sure if this was clear:  The Patrick I found living near Thomas in the 1870 federal census cannot be your ancestor, as your ancestor Patrick was not alive in 1870.


    You asked where else you might search. The usual advice is to start with yourself and move backward in time, looking at censuses, birth/marriage/death records, obituaries, headstones, wills, church records, etc.


    It's likely Patrick's father was named Thomas, and Mary's father was Matthew--based on the sons' names. Have you seen their children's baptismal records? They might have info about Patrick and Mary.

    Have you seen Patrick and Mary's marriage record? Their parents might be named.

    Just a couple of ideas. I hope they help.


    Sunday 4th Sep 2022, 11:35PM
  • Hmm...the plot thickens...this Patrick worked for the railroad.  In the 1860 census he was married to Mary and had a son JOHN P.  

    If this is your Patrick and if John P. was the eldest, then Patrick's father may have been called John.



    Name: John P Kenedy
    Age: 1
    Birth Year: abt 1859
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Birth Place: Wisconsin
    Home in 1860: Milwaukee Ward 3, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Post Office: Milwaukee
    Dwelling Number: 432
    Family Number: 440
    Household Members Age
    Patrick Kenedy 27
    Mary Kenedy 22
    John P Kenedy 1


    Sunday 4th Sep 2022, 11:47PM
  • To my knowledge, Lillian was the eldest child of Patrick Kennedy and Mary (Cloury) Kennedy.  
    Lillian was born in Wisconsin, USA in 1860

    i do not know what it means. .. perhaps you do when a record states “ his father had one son, Patrick Kennedy from a relationship”.   

    I did find a record that Patrick’s residence in 1833 was Ramsgrange, County Wexford, Ireland.  It is possible that Patrick was born in 1833 rather than 1835.   

    Again, keep coming up with Patrick’s father as

    Thomas Kennedy B 1798  Wexford, Wexford, Ireland.   Baptism 8 Oct 1798 near Cork, Ireland

    Thomas died 1889 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

    possible parents of Thomas Kennedy are Cornelius Kenneday & Julian Walsh

    would it be easier to search for Patrick Kennedy’s wife?   All I have is a Mary Cloury B1840 in County Carlow & died in 1902 I believe in Wisconsin, USA

    Much appreciation!    Abbey



    Monday 12th Sep 2022, 07:28PM

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