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Hi, i'm looking for help in clearing up some confusion as to the place my ancestor was born - Her name is Mary Ellen Wallace she was born 26th August 1860 in Rosemount, Wexford - my query is this - is Rosemount the house name or a place name? I was in contact years ago with a lovely man called Paddy who said it was his own house that my ancestor was born in as was her mother before her (Anastasia Doyle born c 1836) I am also searching for Anastasia's birth/baptism and her parents names - any help or advice would be appreciated. 


Tuesday 4th Jul 2023, 08:13AM

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  • Hi, there is a townland (a place) in Wexford called RoseTOWN:

    Could this be it?


    I didn't see a Rosemount in the Wexford townland list.


    Tuesday 4th Jul 2023, 01:01PM
  • Patricia

    Tuesday 4th Jul 2023, 01:08PM
  • Dawn:

    I searched the subscription site and located a November 5 1859 marriage record at Piercestown RC parish for William Wallace and Anty Breen alias Doyle. Was Anty born Anty Breen and then married a Doyle?  Anty lived in Rosemount but William was from Bushestown. I looked at the Piercestown baptismal records and there was no Anty Breen or Anty Doyle. There were Anne Doyle records around 1836.

    Here is the link to the parish register entry   

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 4th Jul 2023, 06:47PM
  • Hi Patricia and Roger,


    Thank you for your help, I do have that information already, Anastasia was a Doyle by birth - her marriage to James Breen (a sailor) was in 1856 and on the record she gives Rosemount as her address. 

    She had one child that I know of with him, John born in Rosetown, Wexford - then she married William Wallace and gives her location as Rosemount, all children born from this marriage are all listed as being born in Rosemount.  And also her death is too listed as Rosemount.

    Her 2nd husband William Wallace and their children then went to Liverpool, England.

    Her son John Breen continued to live in Rosemount and I found a marriage for him which also gives his address as Rosemount - they were married in 1884 at the Catholic Chapel in Piercetown, so I'm assuming that her son was left with the family of Anastasia - or could it be the family of Breen who lived there? God it can take it out of you can't it, I'm pretty certain then that I need to be more open as to where I think Anastasia was born and not just take it as gospel that she was also born in Rosemount.


    Any advice on where next 



    Saturday 21st Oct 2023, 04:56PM

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