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I am the granddaughter of Elizabeth Coffey ( née Nugent). Lizzie emigrated to NYC in the USA.   My grandmother had 5 sister Kate, Hannah, Madge, Mary, Nellie and 4 brothers.  Kate married a Duggan and they had 6 children- Michael, Joseph, Paddy, Peg, Bridget Mary and John.    Michael married Maisie and had 6 children - Diedre, Brian, Cathay, Ann, Adrian and Michael.  
In 1976 I stayed with Michael and Maisie DugHan in their boarding house while visiting Bray.  While there , Adrian one  of their children brought me and my friends to an Irish dance- quite a memory  

This October, I'm traveling with my brother and immediate family to Ireland and we plan on stopping in Bray. Would love to meet meet some of our long lost relatives- anyone out there with any information that will help in this search would be appreciated. 

Marybeth Donovan



Sunday 26th Jun 2022, 12:56AM

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  • Marybeth:

    I found this death notice for a Joseph Duggan in Bray. Since you listed a nephew to your grandmother named Joseph Duggan, I thought there may be a connection.…

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 26th Jun 2022, 12:27PM
  • Why not contact the Bray Historical Society?

    Perhaps the locals can put you in touch with your family. Good luck.


    Sunday 26th Jun 2022, 05:10PM
  • Hoping some local residents can help. I will definitely look into Bray Historical Society- thanks!


    Sunday 26th Jun 2022, 10:49PM
  • Roger-- I can't believe it but this is a great lead. Any suggestions how to obtain an email address for one of his children or an address in Bray to write to-- appreciate your help on this!


    Sunday 26th Jun 2022, 10:59PM
  • Marybeth:

    You can either call or e-mail the funeral home!photo  They won't give you any family info directly but perhaps they will provide your e-mail address to a family member who may contact you.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 27th Jun 2022, 01:10PM
  • Roger-- that's a great idea-- that's my next step- thanks. Marybeth 


    Monday 27th Jun 2022, 09:45PM

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