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Do you think your ancestors may have made the trip to Canada? Throughout the first six decades of the nineteenth century there was a constant exodus from the Coollattin estate to Canada and, in particular, to the province of Ontario.

Carnew Castle, Wicklow © National Library of Ireland

Emigration commenced in the years which followed the 1798 rebellion. During these dark years neighbour had fallen out with neighbour, and in cases, brother set against brother. Agents from shipping companies such as that owned by the Ellys of New Ross,went from village to village in south Wicklow recruiting all who wished to travel and who could afford the fare. During these years almost 6,000 men, women and children left Coollattin for the New World.

Homeward Trek

Plans for what should be a marvelous week of history, genealogy and story telling are now firmly in place. We would like to thank all who have committed to attending and those who have intimated that they have a desire to be with us. In May 2016 we will be requesting that those who are 'coming home' pay a deposit towards their stay in Minmore Mews.  We remind patrons that the all-in cost for the week, including accommodation, entry to historical and interpretative centres, estate tour, tour of Coollattin House and all bus costs remains at 300 Canadian dollars. Once committed to attending it will be our pleasure to conduct extensive genealogical research on your behalf.

Full details of the week which we are calling the' Homeward' Trek are available HERE 

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