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Hi, I’m trying to find my great great grandparents burial place. Patrick O’Briens civil death record shows he was a Tailor, a widower, died 10 June 1894 Age 73 in Clone. John O’Brien son was present at death. 
Margaret O’Brien (nee Kelly) civil death record shows she died 24 April 1872 Age 36 in Clone, Married , Tailors wife and Mary Kelly was present at death.

I’ve looked online at Monamolin graveyards and can’t find them. Would they be buried in Ferns? As Clone comes under Ferns?  Or Clone? I presume as a Tailor he would have been able to afford a headstone for his wife who died before him? Maybe not. 

They had a son Patrick, now I see a son John.I think there was a Michael who was also a Tailor in Arklow but can’t be sure if he was Patrick and Margaret’s son??? 
I’d love to know the other children of Patrick O’Brien and Margaret Kelly as I can’t seem to piece them together. 

Any help I’d be grateful. Thanks 


Tuesday 25th Oct 2022, 03:54PM

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    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and located eight baptismal records for children of Patrick O'Brien and Margaret Kelly. Michael 1860 James 1861 Patrick 1863 James 1864 (the 1861 James likely died young) William 1866 Ellen 1867 John 1868 Philip 1872 I did not locate their marriage record.

    Checked the 1901 census but only found a record for John. Did the others emigrate?

    John 1901 census   

    Likely Patrick and Margaret were buried in Monamolin but there is no marker.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 25th Oct 2022, 04:21PM
  • Do you mean Clone townland in Wexford?  If yes, why not contact the Catholic church there. They might hold a list of burials.. Good luck.


    Tuesday 25th Oct 2022, 04:24PM
  • Thanks so much.  I can now see that Patrick and Michael were brothers and I finally have all their names .  I’ll contact Monamolin church for burial information. 

    My Patrick born 1863 married Bridget Walker, we know the names of their children.  They had a son Philip born 1902 and died 1911.  I can’t find his burial place either??? Thanks 




    Wednesday 26th Oct 2022, 07:08AM

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