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I am trying to find information on a Nicholas Hopkins who married a Widow Barbara Foster in 1822.   Barbara was the leaseholder of 69 acres at Park, Cooltuff, Drummin in 1827, age 50, husband age 44.   There were 2 sons, possibly hers from a previous marriage.   Fosters were from that area but the Clonegal records seem to confuse Fosters and Forsters!!!

Barbara Hopkins died April 4 1834 and was buried at Clonegal at age 60-61.

Nicholas Hopkins died March 18,1835 and was buried at Clonegal at age 52., resident at Drummin, which is very close to Ballyredmond.

Both of these townlands are across the river from Garryhasten so I suspect Nich was part of that family???

In 1839 the 69 acres is occupied by a Will Hopkins (no details) and a Michael Hopkins age 31 = born c1808...Must??? have been a son of the first husband and took on Hopkins name???


As Mike is a Roman Catholic name it is a curious clue.

Saturday 23rd Sep 2023, 05:25PM

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  • Hello Ross

    Cannot add much to your information.  You appear to have quite an amount of information gathered already.  Was Nicholas' father's name given on his Marriage record by any chance?  Have you contacted St Fiaacs Church of Ireland Graveyard to check if they can add any information from gravestone inscriptions?   Barbara had quite a substantial acreage for those times - possibly as Nicholas died less than a year after her the land wasn't transferred into his name.  Have you traced the transfer records for the 69 acres?


    Ireland XO Volunteer

    Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 5th Dec 2023, 07:13PM
  • The Parish Registers Of St Fiaac’s Church, Clonegal by Church of Ireland - Issuu

    Just came across this online register for St Fiaac's.

    Andrusha IRELAND XO Volunteer

    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 07:43PM
  • Andrusha IRELAND XO Volunteer

    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 08:31PM
  • Dont know if these Hopkins are any relation ! Wicklow shop survived 183 years by diversifying – The Irish Times

    Andrusha IRELAND XO Volunteer

    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 08:34PM
  • Thank you for the tip regarding "checking the land ytansfer".   How does one go about this?


    Thanks again

    Sunday 14th Jan 2024, 09:01PM
  • Hello again   Apologies for the delayed response.   To check land ownership you have to go in person to the office at Irish Life Buildings in Dublin.   Also have a look at the website  but this is for purchasing folios.  

    Kind regards



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    Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Feb 2024, 03:24PM

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