1st January 1938
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The Schools' Collection was undertaken by the National Folklore Commission between 1937-1939. Dangan School was one of the schools that collected local folklore from the community.

Dangan School was a local mixed school located in Dangan townland, Quin, County Clare.  The school was part of the Schools' Collection in the 1930s.  The stories were written in English, Irish and mixed (both English and Irish versions).  The principal of the school at the time was noted as Stiofán Ui Clúin and Treasa Ni Comhara.  The school operated up to June 2015.   The following stories were included:

Old Sayings

A Story

A Funny Story

Thunder and Lightning

Plague and Bad Sickness


Spancil Hill Fair


Old Customs

Unlucky Acts

Bird Folklore

A Mermaid

An Old House

A Ghost Story


Sí Gaoithe

A Mermaid Story

Pat O'Leary


Cures for Rheumatism, Warts, Corns, Sore Eyes, Chilblains, Jaundice, Whooping Cough, Coughs and Colds, Burns, Earache, a Backache, a Headache, Boils, Stomach Troubles and others.

Cures for Farm Animals

A  Leprechaun

The Lake Horse of Cullans

A Ghost Story

A Saint of this District


Biddy Early

Ballyglassa Fort

Moohane Fort

A Class Election

A Famous Class Horse

Old Recollections

A Cross

The Hungry Grass

A Strange Animal

How Biddy Early Got the Orange Bottle

The Collectors and Informants are the following:

M.K. Carmody

Mr. Casey

Paddy Clune

Pat Clune

Miss Mary Clune

Patrick Clune

Stephen Clune

Dan Corbett

Thomas Crowe

Matty Dannon

Mr Mac Fadden

Miss Jessie Gilligan

Matty Hannon

Pat Hayes

Christina Hayes

Michael Peter Hinchey

John McHugh

Mrs. Pat Kelly

Mary O'Loughlin

John Lynch

Cormac Macnamara

Eilish Macnamara

James Macnamara

Thomas Macnamara

Mrs. William Macnamara

Teresa Macnamara

Harry Maher

Mary Mahon

Mary McMahon

James Meaney

Mrs. Meaney

Patrick Neylon

Mrs. Reilly

John Sammon

John Scanlan

Mrs. Shea

Mrs. Bridget O'Shea

Mary White

This list was compiled by Jane Halloran Ryan, Ireland Reaching Out volunteer

This school collection can be accessed at the following link:https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/5177641/5175572/5196522?ChapterID=5177641




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