The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aims to serve the Irish people, promote their values and advance their prosperity abroad, and to provide the Government with the capabilities, analysis and influence to ensure that Ireland derives the maximum benefit from all areas of its external engagement. 

Mike Feerick Minister Deenihan Global Irish March 2015

Ireland Reaching Out is proud to be funded by the DFAT as an integral part of it's Emigrant Support Programme.  

Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeThe Irish Government Emigrant Support Programme (ESP) is a tangible expression of the Government’s support, commitment to, and interest in, Global Irish communities. Strengthening connections with Irish Communities abroad and promoting links with Irish people and people of Irish ancestry worldwide is a key objective of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These communities are made up of Irish emigrants, their descendants, those living abroad who share and celebrate an Irish heritage identity, as well as those working for the betterment of Ireland and her position in the world.

ESP objectives such as fostering a more vibrant sense of community and of Irish identity are at the heart of the Ireland Reaching Out programme.  

An important part of the Government's strategy for Diaspora is providing support to all emigrants living abroad.  Global Irish is a hub for emigrants and those of Irish descent to access information across a range of topics, including information on how to maintain your links to, and stay in touch with, Ireland through sport, heritage, culture and Irish media outlets. The hub also provides information to help people settle into their new homes overseas with connections to Irish clubs, societies and business networks internationally. There is also a section for those considering returning to Ireland, bringing together information on job and training opportunities, supports for starting your own business and helpful tips on setting up home in Ireland with information on housing and education. This hub will evolve, as more online resources come available and in response to the views of users.

Read the full Glogal Irish policy document here





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