The work of the Heritage Council aims to provide a greater understanding of the importance of Ireland’s heritage through the provision of grants, advice, conservation, and heritage initiatives.

The Museum of Country Life in Castlebar County Mayo

Support of Ireland Reaching out through Heritage Council Grants

Heritage Council of IrelandThe majority of the Heritage Council’s funding is given out in grants to various heritage organisations. Over the past number of years, the Council has funded the Heritage Resource Manager (HRM) position at Ireland Reaching Out. This funding has allowed Ireland XO to hire a full-time HRM who is the main point of contact with the Diaspora through the Ireland XO message board.

There are currently more than 70,000 registered users on our site and this position is essential for the continued operation of the programme. The HRM also participates in National Heritage Week, a week-long event, run by the Heritage Council that usually takes place in August. This event brings together the many professionals who work in the heritage arena and are funded by the Council. Exhibitions, talks, walks and information sessions form part of Heritage Week and it is a major part of the Council’s outreach activities.

Kilkenny Castle

About the Heritage Council

The Heritage Council is based in Kilkenny and was founded under the auspices of the Heritage Act 1995. Their Heritage Officer Programme supports the work of Heritage Officers working in various Local Authorities around the country. 






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