The Irish Photo Archive, is an exclusive collection of almost 3.5 million old Irish photos and historical images, many of them produced for newspaper and other publications.

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A unique insight into the political, cultural and everyday events of life in Ireland

This photographic collection offers a unique insight into the political, cultural and everyday events of life in Ireland over six decades.  The images showcase an era of major change and the emergence of modern Ireland.

On this website you can browse the archive of photos and read about the events and people that are captured within them.  Step back in time with the images from The Beatles’ visit to Dublin in 1963 or have a look at the pictures from an American Football game in Croke Park in the 1950s!

The collection also features real insights into everyday Irish life through the years – from harvesting the hay in Thurles to dinner dances in Loughrea in the 50s.  You never know who you will spot!

Any proceeds from sales of prints and digital copies are re-invested into the development of the archive helping to ensure the preservation this historically important collection of images for future generations.

Ireland Reaching Out work closely with Irish Photo Archives to bring interesting stories to our members.   Our “This week in…” news feature is especially curated for and features the stories and images from events in Irelands past – giving an exclusive insight and bringing to life our cultural heritage.

If there is a specific image you are looking for and you think they may have it, send an Email to and they will research it for you.

About the Irish Photo Archive

The Irish Photo Archive is owned by the Lensmen Photographic Agency, which was established by Andrew Farren and Padraig MacBrian in Dublin in 1952.  This is no one of Ireland’s premier photographic agencies and for more than six decades Lensmen has captured the essense of Irish life with stunning and thought-provoking photography.



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Address Irish Photo Archive, 17 Nottingham Street, North Strand, Dublin 3, Ireland