June 06, 2024
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Written by Local Tulla Repersentative Jane Halloran Ryan

Elaine and Richard Hayward came to visit Tulla on Friday the 24th of May.  They got to see the Curry headstone at Tulla graveyard and they also got to visit Miltown where John Curry, Rich's great-great grandfather came from.  The local owner of the house very graciously showed Rich, Elaine and myself around and she also showed the remaining wall of the old cottage that she incorporated into a shed when she bought the house and property.  

Written by visitor Richard Hayward

Wrote to IrelandXO in early May with the below query

I am interested in the Corry family whom I've been able to trace back to this area. Head of house - Patrick Sr. (farmer, born March 1850, died Nov. 1933), wife - Margaret, children - Elisabeth and Bryan Corry never left Ireland as I understand it. Sons - John, Matt, Mike, and Patrick Jr. came to NY and the last name became Curry somehow. John was my mother’s father. I'm interested in seeing with my own eyes the area where they lived.

I do have an envelope with the 'address' of  'Miltown, Tulla, Clare'. I did connect, briefly, with Brian Fahy of the Clare County Council and he was kind enough to email me back. He said "My father thinks the Corry family may have lived in a townland in Tulla called Ballyblood. My father does think that Bryan / Brian Corry did live in a house just up the road from us. Another lady is now living there who is no relation." I don't know the road he is talking about but I'd love to know that street name at the very least. One of the main reasons for this trip to Ireland is to try to connect with my heritage and pay my respect hopefully where they lived, the community where they worked and lived, and their final resting place. Patrick Sr.'s children have past, his grandchildren have all passed (including my mother) and all that remains is his 2 great-grandchildren - my brother and I. I'd really like to complete the 'circle' as much as possible when I visit. 

Pictured below is Elaine, Jane (local volunteer) and Richard. 

Meet and Greet in Tulla       Meet and Greet in Tulal