October 02, 2023
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Lisa contacted us about her visit in May 2023, her husband had ancestors in the Inishkeel area and she really wanted to some help to see if she could discover more information. 

Donegal volunteer Marion was on hand and began looking in detail at her family history. The family had knowledge of an ancestral uncle being a teacher in Kilclooney school which is in Inishkeel parish. They wanted to connect with relatives still living in the area. A study of their genealogical tree and local records search showed the likely connection and allowed for the identification of a family grave. A request locally allowed relatives to connect. They were able to meet up with Michelle a third cousin who gave a tour of the area and introduced to extended family still living in area. The school was at the location of Kilclooney church. They were given extract detail about the school from: Historical Sketches of mid-West Donegal. Details included that his eyesight was failing at the time of his retirement, Lisa had already located a follow up retirement letter for 1884. Pictured below is Marion, (centered) with Pat and Lisa McCole outside St.Conal's Church Graveyard and his ancestors burial site.

Marion, IrelandXO Volunteer on a meet and greet with Lisa Cole, Donegal  William McCole burial