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Location of Barry and Glavin families

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Lawrence Barry (B: 1810) married Hanora Glavin (B: 1820). They emigrated to Ontario, Canada before 1839 when their 1st child, Abigail was born. Hanora moved back to Limerick before her death, June 1886.  Do you have any further info about either family? They are my great great grandparents.


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Thank you for your message.

I have forwarded it on to one of our volunteers who hopefully may be able to assist or advise you.

Kind regards,

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Dungarvan Waterford
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Barry in Ontario

Hello MEFlan,  I've just done a quick search for your query,  I see that there are three entries for a Honora Barry having died in Limerick.    1) Honora Barry, 63 years old, born 1826, died in Limerick in 1889.   2)  Honora Barry, 60 years old, born in 1829, died in Limerick in 1889.   3)  Honora Barry 66 years old, born in 1820,  died in Limerick in 1886.    I also tried looking at the Canadian Census for 1851, 1871.

I could not find record of a Laurence Barry and Honora Barry in the Canadian census.  Of interest:  On a far in McGillivray Ontario in the 1881 Canad census:  Lawrence Barry, 80 years old

                                    Honora Barry, 70 years old

                                     Nora Barry,  20 years old

                                     Anote Barry, 22 years old

                                     Laurence Barry, 24 years old

                                     Bridget Barry, 20 years old

                                     John Barry 18 years old

                                     Catherine Barry, 16 years old


There was an Abigail Barry born 1839 who married William Flanagan.  I believe their children were, Mary, Abigail, William, Peter who married Nora Buckley.   I do not know how your family fits together, however, all these records are on Ancestry.com under the Canadian census.  I will continue to look for later records in Limerick.   Please let me know if you come across further information.   Elaine,  Liaison for Dungarvan Co. Waterford.

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