Adding an Ireland XO Timeline entry to the XO Chronicles is a way of reflecting on the happenings of a parish as well as gathering and preserving the events in history that shaped the lives of the people who lived there.

Some ground rules

  • Do not include any names or details of living persons that might have connections to these Timeline entries
  • All content that is created will be moderated on the basis that it is truthful, created in good faith, non-defamatory and respectful to those living and deceased

Step 1 Choose your Ireland XO Timeline entry

So much of the history, stories and folklore of our parishes left the area along with the people who emigrated from Ireland. Creating a historical timeline of our parishes is way of enabling all people connected to that parish, wherever they may be, contribute to the story.

Examples of timeline entries can be:

  • a story that was passed down through the generations
  • the recalling and retelling of certain events
  • folklore associated with the locality
  • births, baptisms, marriages and deaths
  • community events - e.g. sporting fixtures, graduation dances,
  • newspaper citations

Step 2 Prepare your information

As no draft can be saved on the XO Chronicles, it is best if you organise and save your information on your private computer in advance of uploading it.  We recommend creating a word document with the timeline entry, date you wish to attribute it to and the relevant parish you will be linking it to.  Here you can also save additional information and outside links for referencing. You can then use your own private document to cut and paste into the editing format of the XO Chronicles.

Minimum Information

  • Name of Timeline entry
  • Date (approximation of when this entry happened)
  • Parish where event/new/story is linked to
  • Image - any image that might represent the event or the people mentioned in it.  If not image is available, a picture of the local community today can be used.

Additional information

  • Any stories or general information can be included in the body
  • Online sources that reference this Timleline entry e.g. Newspaper article, Census

Step 3 Create a Timeline entry

  • Make sure you are logged in using your Ireland XO username and password
  • Select "XO Chronicles" from the Top of any page - you can also find Timeline on your community page
  • Select "Discover & Create" from under the XO Timeline section
  • Select "Add Timeline entry"
  • Fill in the details according to the on-screen format.  Use the "?" icon on every field to help you understand what is required.
  • At the bottom on the screen, select save. If you have missed any essential information  (e.g. address), the document will not save and you will be prompted to correct/insert any missing information.

When you have successfully saved a Timeline entry to the XO Chronicles, you will receive a message in green at the top of the screen advising you that your entry will shortly be moderated by Ireland XO and published.

Step 4 Publication

Ireland XO will aim to moderate and publish any conten within a 72 hour period. You can check to see if your building is published by looking in the main Community XO Chronicles, or by going directly to the parish you have added a Timeline entry to.

Step 5 Share your Timeline entry

Share your Timeline entry with your friends and family on your social media using share icons provided

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