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Anna DUNPHY was born in Dublin city to Patrick DUNPHY and Anne KENNEDY. Her sponsors were James KENNEDY and Catherine ABBOTT. At the time of her baptism, the family lived at 5 Bishop Place. Anne was the youngest of 7 children, all born in Dublin - John Joseph (1851), Bridget Mary (1853), Patrick (1854), Maria Anna (1855), James Roland (1859) and Catherine (1860).

Anna's father, Patrick, was a plasterer by trade and hailed from Kilkenny city. Patrick and Anne Kennedy married in Booterstown, Dublin in 1848. Two more brothers of Patrick, John and Garrett, also plasterers, relocated to Dublin around 1850 and begun or continued their own families.

Anna's father Patrick died while she was still very young (sometime before 1874) and her mother died in 1881 when Anna was 20. It appears that she has gone to live with her oldest brother John. While her older brothers (and their sons, and their sons) continued on in the plastering trade, Anna decided that emigration was her future and sailed out of Ireland on the "Duke of Buccleuch", arriving in Queensland, Australia on her 26th birthday.

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Date of Birth 6th Dec 1861 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 24th Sep 1941 VIEW SOURCE





    This biography of Anna Dunphy might help with my search of who were the real parents of my Mary Dunphy.  I have two different sets so far:

    William Dunphy and Mary Brown in the Ossory diocese, St Mary’s Parish in Kilkenny City.  Then there is James, wife unintelligible, in the Ossory diocese, Oning and Templeorum parish.  Both in 1804.   I am leaning towards William and Mary because of the location of Kilkenny City.  Mary went on to marry Lawrence Mullins, of Flemingstown, Kilkenny.  Their children were born in Glenmore.  Nicholas, Thomas, Patrick and Mary. Eventually some of the the Mullins family wound up in Brooklyn, NY.  My quest is find the correct Dunphy parents in Kilkenny.  

    I had my DNA tested at Ancestry and I’m waiting to find other cousins, hopefully living in Ireland, who know their Dunphy tree, to do the same.

















    Monday 6th August 2018 12:11PM
  • Hi there,

    I've only just seen your post. My mother had her Ancestry DNA done not so long ago. Her username is mjg1916 and she has linked a direct ancestry tree to her DNA.

    Cheers Mel


    Sunday 9th September 2018 06:46AM

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