Joannis (John) Sullivan1834

Joannis (John) Sullivan 1834

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Place of migration
Stayed in Ireland

Looking for information on family of Joannis Sullivan and his wife Margaret Fizgerald. 

They had 9 children that I have been able to find: Timothy Apr 9, 1857, Laurentis Apr 24 1860, Ellena Mary Mar 7, 1862, Maria Sullivan Dec 13, 1863, Bridga Sep 13, 1865, Joannis Sep 9, 1867, Joanna Dec 8 1870, Thomas Feb 26, 1874, and Julia Aug 11, 1876. 

The church records state that the family lived in Banna. However, I am unable to connet the siblings or parents of Joannis or Margaret. Some of the sponsors for the children are Maurice Fitzgeral, Mary Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitzgerald, Ellen Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, and Mary Sullivan. I don't know if these Sponsors are siblings but I am hoping someone in Ireland is able to fill in the missing parents and sibling of Joannis and Margaret. 

All the records I have came from St Brendans Church Records and web site Irish Geneology. I have not been able to get back further then 1857. 

Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided. 

Arleen Sullivan



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1834 (circa)

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