John O'Riordan1786

John O'Riordan 1786

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1786
Date of Death 1st Jan 1866


  • hi, i am the granddaughter of Daniel Riordan,  i know he spoke gaelic, was very proud Catholic and came to australia where he met my nan and had my mum, they never married though,can anyone make any connection for me??? i have done DNA and have a lot of links in USA, he was born sometime between 1890 and 1910 i would say.



    Sunday 1st July 2018 10:08AM
  • My ggg grandfather was John O'Riordan born in 1786. I have done DNA as well. Perhaps we are a match.




    Wednesday 18th September 2019 10:07PM
  • probably, we have ancestry ,are you on ancesty? if so, who are you on there? are you in canada? i have links to that region as well



    Wednesday 18th September 2019 11:19PM
  • I'm mkellyc on Ancestry. Who are you there?


    Thursday 19th September 2019 12:28AM
  • Yes, I'm in Canada.


    Thursday 19th September 2019 12:29AM
  • i am Leanne Wells, i have Wells family tree, see if you can find me in your DNA



    Thursday 19th September 2019 01:35AM
  • I have a lot of Wells, but no Leanne in my DNA match list.


    Thursday 6th August 2020 02:37AM

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