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death cert 23014 is correct.

another good lead says he was born aug 5, 1821 in roscommon

Per Lucy's death cert: He was born in Ireland.  Another obit says he was born in county Clare but I don't think that is correct because family members say that it was Roscommon.

592 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA (address from Bob Sinclair - his last address)

arrival in USA 1848 (age 18)

in 1862 residence: 229 Fulton Ave, Brooklyn, NY: occupation: nail maker

in 1871 residence: 26 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn: occupation: iron railing

in 1872 residence: 33 Flatbush Ave,

in 1874 residence: 85 Flatbush Ave: occupation: blacksmith

in 1877 residence: 53 Flatbush Ave: occupation blacksmith

in 1877 residence: 35 Flatbush Ave: occupation iron railings

in 1881 residence: 75  5th Ave, Brooklyn: occupation: blacksmith

in 1885 residence: 278 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn: occupation: ironmoulder

in 1888 residence: 87 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn: occupation: ironrailing

in 1887 residence: Raymond E, Brooklyn: blacksmith

In 1880 census she is still alive.  By 1900 census Michael is widowed. It shows that final child, Joseph, was born in 1879. So she died between 1880 and 1900.

Using death cert 2179 from cuz Mary Mc-S to establish death date. Otherwise could not find it under McManus.  Also, use Mary Mc-S birth date of 1832 instead of 1836.

per marriage cert. her name is Mary Anne Fitzpatrick. Her sister, Catherine Fitzpatrick, was present.  (They married the same year that Mary the first was born.)  Per Lucy's death cert: Mary Fitzpatrick was born in Ireland.

According to one census she was born in Jefferson County, Virginia, another doc says Florida. The article below says that Flatbush was HER family's house. In a newspaper article it says they both live on Flatbush Ave. 

Taken from the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper, dated Jan 17, 1857: John Fitch, father of Mary, a resident of Flatbush Ave near Fulton Ave, charged Michael McManus, a batcheler of about 40 years of age with seducing his daughter, Mary Ann Fitch, now about 18 years of age, under promise of marriage, and also with an attempt to procure abortion. (If Michael was born in 1824 then he would be age 33 now. Mary's age checks out).  The last place the girl lived was on the corner of Hicks and Pierrepond Streets (what, not with Dad on Flatbush?). They met for the purpose of taking the ferry to New York where it was intended she should stay until relieved of her guilty incumbrance.  Several physicians in this city had been applied to but they refused to have anything to do with it.  Mary Ann deposed that on the 3rd of July last the defendant called at the house in Fifth Ave, NY, where she was then living (again, a third house?).  She took a walk with him, he then tried to induce her to enter three houses of questionable repute. They returned to the house and his actions are unnecessary to report.  She, disgusted with him, gave herself up to two private watchmen, who saw that she was properly taken care of till morning.  At this time she forbid him from ever coming near her again, but he said he would follow her as long as life remained in his body. The next day he called on her again and she slammed the door on him.  About 2 weeks thereafter she met him again at her father's house in Flatbush Ave.  He there asked her forgiveness and that of the family, and made a promise of marriage.  Sometime thereafter he persuaded her to go to Hoboken.  He hired a carriage and drove several miles to an unfrequented spot in the wood where he violated her person and kept her from making a noise by stuffing a handkerchief in her mouth. Since that time he has been constantly following her wherever she went, and having succeeded in his purpose, engaged a place in NY, to procure an abortion.  She had taken medicine several times, but it did not have the desired effect.  It was as they were going to NY that they were arrested by Constable Horton.  Justice Curtis committed McManus and the girl, was held to bail to appear against him.  He was subsequently brought before Judge Culver and committed to jail in default of $2000 bail.  These facts, if such they are, are taken from the affidavit made by the girl.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1824
Date of Death 1st Jan 1908



    In a recent visit to the KIlronan cemetery in Roscommon, I took a picture of the sign.  There are 35 graves for McManus family members dating back to 1700 and 1800s and recent. I'm not sure how to post the photo but you can e mail me at >< and I will forward it to you. 

    Geraldine O'Connell 14 Nov 2021

    Gerry O’Connell

    Sunday 14th November 2021 11:32PM

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