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Michael Kelly

Born to William Kelly and Celia Kelly nee Kelly in 1839.

His family occupied Lot 23 of the Townland Foughil south of Castlerea.

Though his baptismal record is lost or never entered in the Kilkeevin Catholic Parish Church records, his brothers and sisters are found within these records.

His sibling’s baptismal dates are as follows:

Robert Kelly:  2 October 1841

Patrick Kelly:  17 February 1844

Anna Kelly:  15 May 1846

Luke Kelly:  14 September 1848

Margaret Kelly:  16 February 1850

Bridget Kelly:  13 June 1857

Catharine Kelly: 25 February 1862

Celia Kelly:  birthdate: 28 October 1864

Michael's emigration trail begins In St. Louis, MO USA. It is estimated he arrived in St. Louis in 1866 and his documented record begins with his marriage to Abbie Hunt: 2 June 1867 at St. Xavier’s Church in St. Louis. The marriage is witnessed by Roger McDermott and Annie Carrell.

Michael’s occupation in the industrial world is laborer in the Fulton Ironworks of St. Louis. There also is some evidence he helped wife Abbie in providing laundry service. Their children are born during the span of years 1869-1878. Their baptism and birth dates are recorded in books of St. Patrick's Catholic Church of St. Louis, Missouri USA. This church is shown in the profile picture and was located near 7th St. and Biddle St. and is no longer standing.

Cecelia Kelly: 31 March 1868

John Robert Kelly: 23 May 1869

Mary Ann Kelly: 11 February 1871

Michael Kelly: 26 October 1872

Sarah Kelly: 8 October 1874

Luke Kelly: 8 October 1874

Katherine Kelly: 21 July 1876

Thomas Kelly: 3 October 1878

The family experiences loss when Cecelia, Sarah, Luke and Thomas die in childhood and John at age 38. Michael Kelly precedes his wife, Abbie, in death on 14 February 1911. Abbie Kelly nee Hunt dies on 10 January 1913.

Son Michael Jr. and daughter Mary Ann produced these grandchildren:

Michael John Kelly: 29 March 1900

Patrick Michael Kelly: 17 March 1906

William Kelly: unknown

Zella DePrender: 1900

William DePrender: 3 December 1898

Charles Deprender: 1 July 1897

John Koziatek: 1910 

Mary Koziatek: 9 September 1914

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1839 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 14th Feb 1911 VIEW SOURCE

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