Michael Rowe (Roe)1855

Michael Rowe (Roe) 1855

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Michael Roe was born to Thomas Roe and Julia Commons whom I believe rented a home and garden on Cannon Row from Baron DeRos their entire lives. The spelling changed frequently between documents between Roe and the anglicized Rowe so I investigated families with both spellings. With that in mind, I believe these are Michael's ten younger siblings:

Laurence Roe 1860-1947

Bernard Roe 1863-1923

James Roe 1864-1872

Thomas Roe 1867-1915

Mary Anne Roe 1869-1870

Patrick Joseph Roe 1870-1943

John Joseph Roe 1872-1924

Susan Rowe 1874-1955

Margaret Rowe 1876-1934

Mary Anne Rowe 1878-1887

20 Jan 1878 Michael Roe/Rowe marries the widow Bridget Mahon Tallon in Navan Parish. Marriage certificate states that Michael Roe was 23, a wool sorter, Bridget Tallon was 28, a seamstress living on Cannon Row in Navan. Michael Rowe's parents are Thomas Roe/Rowe (miller) and Julia Commons.
In the Liber Mat., Bridget's parents are listed as Michael and Mary Mahon, husband Michael Rowe's parents are listed as Thomas Rowe and Julia Commons. Witnesses were Patrick Tallon (Bridget's son with George Tallon?) and Catherine (Katie) Daly who was married to Navan physician Denis Bowes Daly.
In civil marriage documents Bridget's father was listed as Patt Mahon a miller and Michael's father as Thomas, a miller. Marriage witnesses listed as Patrick Pigott and Katie Daly.

Michael Rowe had several young Tallon step-children after he and the widow Bridget Mahon Tallon married. Michael and Bridget had seven children (in addition to her five surviving Tallon children from her previous marriage) together while living on Cannon Row, all of these children emigrated to the US and died in Philadelphia, PA except for Anna who died in Illinois, I have marriage dates, names and children for all of them:

B. 29 Jun 1879 - D. May 1977 Mary Bridget Rowe

B. 20 Feb 1881 - D. 27 Sep 1946 Thomas Francis Rowe

B. 13 May 1882 - D. 11 Feb 1911 Julia Rowe* (my grandmother)

B. 28 Sep 1883 - D. 31 May 1965 Josephine Mary Rowe

B. 26 Feb 1885 - D. 29 Dec 1957 James Francis Rowe

B. Abt 1887 - D. 28 Jul 1934 Laurence Francis Rowe

B. 4 Feb 1889 - D. 1 July 1972 Anna Marie Rowe

27 Apr 1900 Michael Rowe dies from a heart valve regurgitation issue in Cork, Ireland where they lived in #32 Evergreen Building (Cork Census 1901) No information yet on when they moved to Cork. I have yet to discover a birth certificate for him, but have discovered later siblings from his parents' names supplied on marriage certificates.

3 Aug 1901 Bridget arrived in New York aboard the SS Campania with her 7 Rowe children, son John Tallon meets them at the gate. (He emigrated about 1889.) Bridget Rowe made her home in Philadelphia, PA. and disappeared after the 1920 census. Ten of her children are buried in Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, PA.

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1855
Date of Death 2nd Apr 1900

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