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Patrick Hickey 1859

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My great grandfather Patrick Hickey (1859-1927) was born in Clounaman to Edmund Hickey(1833-1890) and Hannah Cournane (1829-1910) and emigrated to NYC about 1880. His father, Edmund, is listed in various records as a fisherman, a boatman and a laborer. Edmund himself was born at Clounaman in 1833 to Patrick Hickey and Johanna McElligott. Patrick married Mary Noonan from Barleymount West, Killarney in October of 1888 at St. Peter's Church on Barclay Street in NYC.

In Griffiths Valuations, Patrick Hickey (I'm assuming my ggggrandfather) is listed in a house with no land at Clounaman, and if I read the map letters and numbers correctly, the Hickey family appears to be living in a small group of houses (a clachan?) quite near the Shannon shoreline. In using Google maps it looks like the ruins of these houses may still exist at Clounaman. However, Michael Lynch from the Kerry County Library who was a great help with advice (through emails) suggested that the maps were not clear and the Hickey dwelling mmay have been on the road between Ballylongford and Asdee.

Patrick, my great grandfather, had 3 or 4 Hickey uncles who preceded him in emigrating to NYC - John (marrried Johanna O'Connor), Patrick (married Annie McGowan, possibly a Sligo native) and Michael Hickey (married Bridget McCormick) and possibly a William. Patrick's younger sister, Johanna Hickey (1861-1944) also emigrated to NYC in 1881. His older sister, Margaret, married a man named Michael Broder or Broderick and died in a hospital outside Listowel around 1920. She had about 7 children most if not all of whom seemed to die young of tuberculosis.

I have found references to my Hickeys in the Irish Petty Court Sessions for Ballylongfrod where both Edmund and Patrick (probably father and son) were charged and fined with fishing for salmon without a license and with using a boat that did not have it's name lettered on its side. 

Many years ago when I inquired about my family, the local parish priest of Ballylongford at the time kindly provided me with a bit of history for the Hickies of Kilelton House to whom he suggested we might be connected. I thought it unlikely given the humble circumstances of my family and only recently discovered in the Petty Court Sessions a 5 year struggle (c1897-1902) by William Hickey of Kilelton House to evict Hannah Hickey of Clounaman (my gg grandmother).

As you can see I have done a fair amount of research and learned much but I would be very interested to learn if the ruins of the house still stand and whether there are any local recollections of Hickey fisherman living in Clounaman. What is perhaps a bit confusing is that records of the family vary back and forth identifying them as being of Clounamon or Kilelton.

In Brooklyn, NY, where Patrick worked on the docks as a longshoreman, connections of the Hickey family included a John Kennelly, son fo Michael Kennelly and Catherine Enright of Lisselton, Michael Hayes of Ballylongford and his wife also a Kennelly I believe, and a Peter Collins family. The above Michael Hayes who married at Ballylongford and apparently had several children before emigrating in the 1880s to Brooklyn with his family, is also identified as a boatman.

Hoping this is of interest to someone.

Ed Stewart

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1859 (circa)
Date of Death 6th Jan 1927
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Edmond Hickey (Hickie)


  • I have been beating my head aginst the brick wall of Wuilliam Hickey for years. I can not find his place of birth, or any other records of him in Ireland.I do know his birth was 1820, 1828, 1837, or 1845. Each of thees possible dates is from what should be good sources, census, death, etc. i tend to lean toward the earlier dates because of his first known child, Thomas 1859, in St. Louis.

    The best record is the inscription on his wife's head stone "Margaret Hyde Love of Mitchelstown" I have through DNA established links to the Hyde family in Kildorrery, Cork, just five miles wqest of Mitchelstown.

    As william is an unusal name for a RC child and we have always been RC as far back asI can trace, I wonder.

    Have you recorde of your hickeys traveling to St. Louis or have you any DNA testing?


    Sunday 28th October 2018 08:00PM
  • Hello,

    Would your Hickey  uncles be related to William Hickey born 1837 in Athy, County Adeldare. Came to Australia and married Ellen Cross in 1869.

    Also, would your Mary Noonan connected to Patrick Noonan born 1808 Limerick. Married Ellen Hyland in Limerick 1830. Came to Australia and died 1870 in Walloon, Qld.

    Regards Dianne F.

    Daly/Daley of Cavan

    Monday 29th October 2018 05:59AM
  • Sorry folks - don't think I can be of great help to the two queries above.

    Patrick Hickey was born in Ballylongford, North Kerry, in 1859, where his father, Edmund, was born in 1833, and his Uncle William in 1828 so they go back in that place at least that long. His wife, Mary Noonan was likewise born at Barleymount West, Killarney, Co. Kerry, where her father Cornelius Noonan (Neenan) and family seem to have lived for several Generations.

    Patrick's uncle, William, Hickey, emigrated about 1870 to Chicago after marrying Catherine Bateman of Kilrush, Co. Clare about 1860. I know of none of my Hickeys going to St. Louis but it's always possible.



    Monday 29th October 2018 01:00PM
  • Looking for parents of John Hickie, a shopkeeper on the Mall, Tralee. He is listed as so on his son's marriage reg. In 1883 in Tralee. His son was Thomas John Hickie, an Inland Revenue Officer. All we know about him is that he is connected to the Kilelton Hickies & that he married Mary Duane from Ballyhea c1850. Tnx


    Friday 1st May 2020 03:30PM
  • HI Louise,

    Interested to read your query. The Kilelton Hickies always seemed to spell their name Hickie rather than Hickey. With my own clan, who were tenants of the Kilelton Hickies, they normally used the Hickey spelling though they are recorded in some parish and civil records as Hickie. Many years ago when I began my family tracing the parish priest of Ballylongford suggested that I might be related to the Kilelton Hickies. I think that quite unlikely as the family was quite poor and the Kilelton Hickies later tried to evict them. Interestingly enough I have found the grave of one of the Kilelton Hickies in the same Brooklyn cemetery where my Hickey family is interred.

    Have you looked at this site at all  ? It refers to a HIckie/Hickey family of Pulleen who are rumored to be connected to the Kilelton Hickies. I believe that the Hickies of Pulleen, the Hickies of Kilelton and my Hickeys from Cloonaman/Kilelton were the only Hickies/Hickeys in the Parish of Ballylongford.

    Were you able to find the death record for your John Hickie (He died 1883 or thereafter, correct?)? That should have named his father. Or perhaps a church marriage record from 1850 or so depending upon where he married - Do you know his wife's name or that of any other of their children?  Just a few things to consider. Likewise have you done a DNA test?

    Best Regards,

    Ed Stewart



    Friday 1st May 2020 07:23PM
  • As mentioned prior, the landlord for my ancestors, the Hickey family of Cloonaman and Kilelton, Aghavallen Parish, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, was a Catholic landlord, William Hickie of Kilelton house. He tried for several years at the turn of the last century to evict my gggrandmother, Hannah Hickey from her holding at Cloonaman.


    Saturday 3rd October 2020 08:15PM
  • Hi Ed,

    Haven't been on this site for some time only saw your comments..many thanks for all the tips .  It's something I dip in & out of from time to time when frustration gets the better of me from going up cul-de-sacs!


    My maternal grandmother, Evangeline Hickie - who I have a couple of vague memories of, spelled her name Hickie.  We've had a Genealogist do some work on 'the tree' & she says, without doubt, that we are related to the Hickie's of Kilelton....  Unfortunately, we don't have documented proof of this, as Rusheen Church (Ballylongford) is now in ruins.  Yes, that Humphreys website was very helpful indeed.  We have a partial entry of John Hickie's death..his daughter Norah Hickie was present at his death (1811- 1891) in Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick.  We also have a copy of his registration of his marriage to Mary Duane/Dwane in Ballyhea, Co. Cork.   We will definitely have to get a copy of the death certificate to see if it reveals more.  I've also done a DNA test but so far revelations.


    My 2xgt grandfather, Thomas John Hickie (1853-1899) had a brother Eugene/Owen Hickie (1864-1943) who went to America at 18 Galena, we've recently learned we've lots of relations there!  

    To be continued......


    Kind regards,



    Saturday 3rd October 2020 11:40PM
  • Hi Ed --

    I have family who were from Clounamon, the O'Connors, who emigrated to NYC about 1864. Once there, in Five Points, they had a few more kids, one of whom, John O'Connor, born July 1868, was baptized at St. Patricks Church. A sponsor is John Hickey. 


    The O'Connor crew who emigrated in 1864 included a Johanna, aged 14. Maybe there's a link. Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 11.58.04 AM.png




    Brian O'Connor


    Thursday 16th March 2023 04:03PM
  • This is in response to Brian O'Connor's posting from March of 2023 which I am only just now seeing. Brian I think you are probably quite right in identifying Johanna O'Connor, the wife of John Hickey, as the Johanna who belongs in your family.

    John Hickey and Johanna O'Connor were married in 1870 in the parish of St. James, which is indeed the Five Points, where many Kerry folk resided. By 1870 your Johanna would have been aged 20 a not unreasonable age for her to be marrying and if she was from Clounaman, they were undoubtedly acquainted back in Kerry.

    Likewise, John Hickey and his brothers seem to have initially settled (they too seem to have arrived in the 1860s) on Greene Street in Old St. Patrick's Cathedral Parish, so even if he were not yet married into the O'Connor's (perhaps they were courting?), the fact that they were neighbors in the old country would be enough for him to act as a godfather to the boy born in 1868.

    A little mystery surrounding the death of Johanna O'Connor Hickey in 1880. She is buried in Calvary but I can't find a death record for her. Her last known child is her daughter, Margaret (Maggie) born 1877-1878. In a couple of census records she is listed as born in Jersey City but in the 1880 Census, her widowed father and she and her siblings are recorded in the household of her Uncle Patrick Hickey on Thompson Street. If Johanna died in 1880 and Calvary records suggest she did, she should appear in the U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule. All I could find was a Johanna Hackey dying in childbirth in Elizabeth, NJ, but supposedly born in NJ.

    Perhaps of interest to you - when Johanna's daughter, Margaret Hickey married Edward Carroll at St. Alphonsus Church on W. Bdway in 1907, the witnesses were John O'Connor and Anna O'Connor. I thought perhaps they were her cousins but now perhaps the "Uncle" John born in 1868. We ought to be in touch directly.

    Thanks for writing,



    Thursday 29th June 2023 10:44PM
  • Hi Ed --

    Interesting Jersey City note: Patriarch who emigrated in 1864 (Maurice O'Connor) and father to John O'Connor b. 1868 moved the entire crew to Jersey City in 1870. I wonder if Johanna and family followed and she died in Jersey City. 

    Do you have Johanna and John Hickey's marriage certificate from St. Andrew's? Curious to see what information is there.

    About that Margaret Hickey-Ed Carroll marriage in 1907: John O'Connor b. 1868 was living in Jersey City in 1907, so that's possible. Also, Maurice's oldest son, Maurice Jr. had a son John (b. 1882) and daughter Anna (Johanna b. 1898). They lived in Brooklyn. 


    I'm at if you want to get in touch.


    Very interesting!




    Friday 30th June 2023 12:49AM
  • Hey Brian,

    Have emailed you twice at the email you provided:

    byt keep getting a notice that mailbox is unavailable. I had copied and pasted some documents I wanted to share with you into the email - perhaps you have settings that disallow that?

    Anyway my email address is




    Sunday 2nd July 2023 06:46PM

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